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Jun 01

Jun 01

New Promotions for PSP this June!

Kristin Neirinckx's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, PSP

Hi everyone! Today is an exciting day for both the PSP-3000 and PSPgo systems. Starting today, June 1, we’re now offering some new initiatives that offer HUGE value for you across the PSP platform.

First, we’re excited to introduce a new $9.99 “Favorites” software line. Featuring a healthy variety of your favorite titles, this new value line will reconnect you with some of your old favorites or introduce you to titles you haven’t played before. Initial Favorites games will include:

We’ve also partnered with your favorite game publishers to include titles such as Justice League Heroes (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), Manhunt 2 (Rockstar Games), Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection (Crave Entertainment), Silent Hill: Origins (Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.), Sims 2 (Electronic Arts), The Warriors (Rockstar Games) and so many more.

LBP_GHPSPcoversheet10-1-R1 GT_PSP-GH_pkg RR_GHPSPcoversheet10-1-R2

Want to get your hands on some of the best PSP titles of all time? We’re proud to announce the induction of four new games into the PSP “Greatest Hits” collection:

If you don’t own these fantastic titles, be sure to pick them up now for only $19.99!


Wait, the fun doesn’t stop there… If you purchase a PSPgo system from today through March 31, 2011, you will receive an e-mail with a PlayStation Network voucher to download three games absolutely free! With premiere titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, the PSPgo “Digital Game Pack” offers you an $80 value while giving you access to a great variety of our biggest games to get you started gaming on-the-go. What better way to get started with an all digital, full-scale, console-quality handheld gaming experience?

If you’re still looking for more, the PSP has got you covered. With a robust lineup of titles to choose from, you can always find the kind of game you’re looking to play. With newly released and upcoming titles such as God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Hot Shots Tennis, Invizimals, KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER, and ModNation Racers, PSP continues to bring you unparalleled gaming experiences only possible on the PSP platform.

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Jasper20XX said:

June 2nd, 5:52 pm

I like my PSP go a little, but I wish there was a new PSP (with UMD), so I can trade in this one at Gamestop and get the new PSP.

gold5225 said:

June 2nd, 6:22 pm

Wait so this is a bit misleading isn’t it. It means any 3 games right not just the three pictured?

nino1911 said:

June 2nd, 7:02 pm

my honest opinion psp going to die

Avalanche said:

June 2nd, 8:38 pm

i just bought another PSP Go since mine was acting up. will i still get the free games? because i havent received an email yet. i just bought it today

edgardo_enrique said:

June 3rd, 3:39 am

i bought my pspGO december 24, :(

saroof_naruto1 said:

June 3rd, 4:04 am

wow i cant wait to get it!!

virgils_mustache said:

June 3rd, 8:30 am

what a joke, early adopters of the pspgo get NOTHING. Heck, we don’t even get the games we want released on the store. Good job sony, way to work over your fanbase.

knaco said:

June 3rd, 12:10 pm

what about other classic game compilations like Namco Museum Essentials, you mentioned Midway Arcade Treasures above which is fine but I’d like to see all the compilations available digitally.

MayaYukihime said:

June 3rd, 7:56 pm

They should’ve done this on the day of the PSP Go’s RELEASE or even added a bonus for the one’s who pre-ordered.
The first buyers should be getting the same thing too and why does UK get 10 games?

Don’t get me wrong though, I love my Go.

trek7407 said:

June 4th, 12:07 pm

I just purchased a PSP Go yesterday (June 3rd). How do I go about getting the free games? When should I expect the email for the free games?

nnaka261 said:

June 4th, 8:46 pm

Still waiting for my voucher. I bought and registered my system on 6/1. . .

sportzdude59 said:

June 4th, 8:50 pm

Still 250 for a psp go? They gotta drop the price on this thing, because if my psp 2000 broke rite now i would probably just get a psp 3000, or sell my games, and my ipod to get an iTouch. ANd they gotta do something so people don’t have to rebuy games they already bought just because the stupid psp go is incompatible with all umd psp games. If I’m gonna trade all my games to get a new system, that new system better offer tons of games i couldn’t get on the old one. The only nonplaystation console that I have ever bought was an N64, but if rite now, the iTouch is kicking the crap out of the psp go. Not to mention, a 16 gb iTouch is $200. Plus the games take up less memory, and there are some really good apps that I tried on my friends iTouch which are FREE.

transce said:

June 5th, 11:50 am

What about people who purchased the Go at launch like myself? People who have been suffering with overpriced download-games from the PS Store? A download-game has $0 materials or shipping costs, $0 resale value for the consumer, a less valuable product in all respects. So why do they insist on pricing new games $39.99? I love the PSP Go as a piece of hardware but the horrible game pricing made it the worst game system I’ve ever purchased.

Psikorps said:

June 5th, 4:57 pm

Personally I’m insulted. I was a psp-No owner at launch, enjoyed it for about a month or so untill I started realising many of my fav games, still were not being released in digital format.

I originaly did not care about having to re-buy the same games again, in many cases for MORE than the original UMD cost, as I was treating the psp-No as a “new” system, not as a replacement.

As the months went on and many of my favs were still not released and outside of the initial big psp game launch list on PSN, support more or less slowed to a stand-still.

I got rid of the psp-No and reverted back to the 3000, still downloading mini’s here and there, but greatly disappointed by the lack of true support the all digital handheld was reciving.

Then about two months ago I considered getting the psp-No again, for the most part, because I have finished/stopped playing many of my UMD games.

Psikorps said:

June 5th, 5:00 pm

Then the “Promotion” was revealed…three free digital games when ya buy a new system in North America…I was hooked.

I waited till my payday, and checked online before leaving for the store..

Only to see that the Euro buyers of the psp-No get 10 games with their purchase, that turned me right off..

Then not long after, its announced that the AUS buyers of the psp-No will get 10 free aswell.

Because of the original lack-luster support of the system, aswell as higher prices, and now with other countries getting more included…I decided to no longer support the PSP at all.

Way to promoted a great system Sony, over-priced games, virtually no support and leaving original UMD owners in the cold then adding insult to injury giving more to others instead of the same all around.

Shameful Sony. I hope something new is announced at E3 to distract people away from the psp-No because it is the best/worst handheld ever.

Cerurdar said:

June 5th, 5:52 pm

Got my Go on June 4 hope I get the email soon I’m going on a trip and would love to have the games to play.

All the cry babies crying about how they got theirs at launch or before June and don’t get anything lol sale promotions happen all the time everyone that has ever bought a product does not get a rebate for any future promotions get over yourselves.

jstuartmill said:

June 6th, 7:36 am

Hi, how long do you expect the wait should be for the codes? I bought my PSP Go a few days ago and am really enjoying it. Thanks!

Ctrl-Alt-Death said:

June 6th, 3:20 pm

I recently downloaded LocoRoco 2 and Patapon 2 from the PS Store for $7.95 each. I don’t think raising the price is a huge deal.

On a brighter note LittleBigPlanet is finally a Greatest Hit :)


June 6th, 10:39 pm

Make sure to grab a mem stick micro 16GB though i would’ve liked a 32GB so you double the amount of games you can take anywhere,anytime.

I really enjoyed umd but go can hold over 40 games with no disc’s to lug around.

I’m all for disc based gaming on my ps3 but go is just more portable-it would’ve been nice not to rebuy everything but some things were extra cheap and others i never bought like head on but grabbed it for $10.

The bluetooth needs improving so a gamepad can be registered to my ps3 and go at the same time. Resistance should have access to
the full dualshock like infected mode which was cool but cumbersome.

ULT1M4T3_L3G3ND said:

June 6th, 11:23 pm

I bought my psp on the 4th of june!!!

i dont have any email from playstation! wheres my email?
i want my games!
how do i get them?

PM54221 said:

June 7th, 9:14 am

I bought the PSP Go and signed up with a playstation account. When/how do I get the codes for free games?

nnaka261 said:

June 7th, 10:04 am

Six days after I bought and registered my PSPgo, I’m still waiting for my voucher. . .

JuggaloJoe said:

June 7th, 11:14 am

Great, it seems as though sony is turning its back on those who already bought a PSPgo in an effort to get new customers. I just got my go two months ago and feel kind of ripped off now. If they want to wow people with this offer, make it free to ALL people who have Gos and re-emberse the people who already PAID to download these titles on their go.

PM54221 said:

June 7th, 3:14 pm

How hard is it to send automated emails with the codes. I thought Sony was a technological giant.

clanker14 said:

June 7th, 4:16 pm

i think this is a great way to get old psp owners to upgrade and the new owner too buy one

Apotheosis605 said:

June 8th, 12:13 pm

I just bought mine today and read through the recent comments. It seems as though people aren’t getting their codes… On the Gamestop website it says we can just register the PSP to our PSN and the codes will be emailed to us. We don’t have to buy the specially marked box I hope.

Lolrg said:

June 8th, 12:41 pm

I bought and registered my psp go on the first day of the promotion and still haven’t received a voucher…

CarriganCorp said:

June 8th, 1:39 pm

mmm does anybody knows whys june 8 and metal gear solid peace walker isnt in the playstation store?

KILULU said:

June 8th, 2:50 pm

it there now

“PlayStation Store for PSP
Downloadable Games (also available from PS3 Storefront)
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker ($39.99)
The world-renowned stealth-action series returns in a new chapter hand-crafted by Hideo Kojima himself! The year is 1974. Join “Snake,” (a.k.a. Big Boss), in pursuit of a mysterious armed force that threatens peaceful Costa Rica – “A Nation without a Military.” Experience the thrill of cooperative stealth on your PSP system and the legendary gameplay that is METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER!
ESRB Rated
File size: 1.38 GB

clanker14 said:

June 10th, 2:23 pm

i think u have to buy the marked box because my friend did that and he got his codes in three days

jocdc88 said:

June 11th, 12:33 am

I have had all the Prior PSP versions (1000-3000) and several PSP UMD games, some of the versions and games of which I bought several times . I currently have a PS3 and up till this Promotion, I just bought my PSP GO. I am happy with it. I bought it the same day MG:Peacewalker came out, and am still waiting on my Voucher Code. To say the least, if you are a new buyer or you don’t have any of the 3 games in the List, the PSP Go is def a GOOD BUY!!! 250-80 you do the math. Plus Bluetooth (you can use your ps3 controller and thether your phone with it for internet) makes it a lot of a better buy then a normal PSP 3000. This current deal is def good if you haven’t or currently don’t own any PSP. Btw, love the PAUSE GAME option!!! def useful!

jocdc88 said:

June 11th, 12:40 am

I didn’t buy the Marked Box but I did buy a PSP Go on June 8… it wouldn’t make sense that they would be doing this only for the marked boxes when supposedly they have so many PSP go’s unsold… I will post when I get my Code… SO FAR, 3-4 days with out a code. (i was told by game stop it would prob. take 2-3 weeks)

Vu_Prime said:

June 11th, 9:20 am

Dell is the sweetness. Ordered my white PSPgo for $159 (100 off retail) and that was including tax and free shipping. If I get the vouchers and they truly are worth $80… I would have in effect purchased my PSPgo for $79. Today dell has changed the deal and both white and black are going for $80 off. Get it while you can guys and gals!

ShuaReborn said:

June 11th, 11:00 am

I bought mine on June 3rd and still no e-mail. I read online that it can take 7-10days. (I assume weekends don’t count.)

I’m also not sure what I was suppose to do to let Sony know I bought it. I’ve bought a couple games on the PSN, and Registered it through the website.

I also bought the Normal small box (not marked.) Because of this line:

“If you purchase a PSPgo system from today through March 31, 2011, you will receive an e-mail with a PlayStation Network voucher to download three games absolutely free!”

That better mean all PSPgo systems and not just the “Digital Game Pack” one that so far doesn’t exist up here in Toronto Canada.

Please post if you bought the normal “unmarked” boxed Pspgo and have gotten your games.

ShuaReborn said:

June 11th, 11:58 am


I finally figured out how to get through to PlayStation’s customer support. (You know actually talk to a Human.) The lady was lovely, and said that if I had signed into my PSN through the PSPgo, that makes you activate the promotion. It takes roughly 1 to 2 weeks for the e-mail to come around. (a.k.a 5-10 business days.)

Hope that helps, and I’ll post again when I get em!

jonnyquesty2k said:

June 11th, 8:37 pm

Can I get an explanation why EU/World gets 10 games and NA gets only 3?!

“Buy PSPgo and download 10 free PSP games worth over £200*.”

Azn_Flavor said:

June 12th, 12:01 am

I love my PSP go so much I bought a second one But wait my box didn’t have any codes for The games that you said we get for free? Do we really get them? How would i get them? it says you email a voucher is this for new accounts only? WHen does it get mailed out. I’m so confused..maybe i’m stupid i don’t know but i really want two of those games I already bought littlebigplanet and i love it but the other two i wanted to buy and now they give them away for free i just bought my second GO today so…How do i get theM?

Azn_Flavor said:

June 12th, 12:03 am

Oh and i own 2 ps3’s too as well I have a slim and a 60 gig i love them all I have two big tvs i play them on :) w00t thanks sony but i want my free games..Oh if you decide to like give away 7 more free games because the uk gets them let me know i want them too :)

elchorno said:

June 12th, 10:13 am

When is Pinball Hall of Fame: Wiliams Collection going to be released on the PS Store?
I would really enjoy playing this on my Go.

clanker14 said:

June 12th, 12:15 pm

u have to go to rewards on the psn and there u register ur psp go

jocdc88 said:

June 13th, 6:04 am

Well, I still have not gotten an E-MAIL from PSN about my voucher. Now I am mad I bought the PSP GO @ GameStop when DELL is selling the PSPGO at $169.99.

However, it is too late so no use in complaining. What I will complain about is that PSN needs to live up to their offer and I expect to receive that code ASAP before 10 days!!!!!

Apotheosis605 said:

June 14th, 9:49 am

If you guys haven’t already, register your psp here:

jocdc88 said:

June 15th, 6:13 pm

I am glad the PSP2 was not announced. In fact, I had a feeling it was not going to be announce due to the fact that the PSP is doing good and the PSP Go is also doing good (in japan). They did fine in starting to market and put bundles for the PSP go. However, where are my voucher codes?

DanteRising said:

June 17th, 12:25 am

I just received this from Sony Technical support. I hope you didn’t buy an ORDINARY PP Go, because the ONLY ones eligible are the ones specifically labelled “Digital Game Pack”. From their e-mail:

“Once you register your PlayStation(R)Network account on your PSP(R)go system the code will be sent to the Sign In ID(email address) that associated with that account. Emails with the voucher codes will be sent out Wednesdays on a weekly basis. Only consumers that purchase the PSPgo “Digital Game Pack” are eligible to receive the emailed voucher. We suggest that you check every Wednesday.

Apotheosis605 said:

June 17th, 4:04 pm

That better not be true, because that would be [DELETED] if it were. Gamestop is still only selling the “ordinary” psps and on their website it states:

“Register your new PSPgo through the PlayStation Network, and receive 3 free downloadable titles, Little Big Planet, Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 and Ratchet and Clank Size Matters.

Available online and in-store through March 2011, while supplies last.

Store / Online Customers: Customers can expect to receive an email from Sony containing codes and instructions on how to download the titles, approximately 1 week after registering through the PlayStation Network.”

Nowhere in this blog post or on Gamestop’s website does it say we need to buy the specially marked boxes…

Apotheosis605 said:

June 17th, 6:48 pm

UPDATE: I just received the email for the free games. Just for the record, I didn’t buy the specially marked box.

future42 said:

June 18th, 7:30 pm

What stores do the “favorites” pricing? I cant find Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow for 10 dollars anywhere.

clanker14 said:

June 19th, 6:53 am

i got mine today and i did not buy the marked box

nayr_000 said:

June 21st, 1:12 am

psp go is great i dont have to bring UMDS with….u guys just dont have money to buy one!

J-3689 said:

June 21st, 7:50 pm

Quit complaining about the PSP GO. I have one and it’s awesome. What i don’t like is the talk about the PSP2 being released so soon. The PSP GO just came out it’s not even a year old, but i guess that’s technology. :(

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