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Mar 15

Mar 15

Why It’s an Honor for Kratos to Appear in Mortal Kombat

Stig Asmussen's Avatar Posted by Game Director, God of War III

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a shout out to Ed Boon and Netherrealm Studios for getting close to wrapping up Mortal Kombat! From what I have seen and played, I think everyone is going to be really happy once they get their hands on it.

Kratos & Mortal Kombat post by Stig

Mortal Kombat had a HUGE influence on me growing up. I remember the first time I saw it in the arcade – I almost crapped myself! I was like, “Look what they did to that guy! I’m out of quarters! When well I be able to play this at home?” Then I learned about Mortal Monday, the official launch day when the arcade game came out on the SNES and Genesis. I was a poor college kid at the time, but I circled the date for two reasons: I couldn’t afford it, so I needed to reserve it a month in advance at the video store; and September 13 1993 was my 21st birthday! So instead of going to the bar on my 21st, I ended up sitting with my friends playing MK all night long.

Sometimes, life has a strange way of working out. Here I am, 17 years later, having been able to work on the incredible God of War series … and then one day we get approached to include Kratos in the new Mortal Kombat! This was a complete no-brainer. I remember interviewing at PlayStation eight years ago and seeing Kratos in the very early stages of God of War 1 and thinking, “This guy looks like he was pulled straight from MK!” Which to me, was a good thing. One of the things that I always felt separated Mortal Kombat from other fighters was its character design. When you combine this with Kratos’ attitude and tendency for violence, it’s a match made in heaven!

Another thing that made this collaboration a good fit is that our studios have ties with one another. Several of us at Santa Monica used to work at Midway, including Adam Puhl (Lead Combat Design), Bruno Velazquez (Lead Animator), Chris Sutton (Lead Environment), as well as me, so we all knew Ed and had a relationship with members of his team. It was easy for all of us to get on the same page. It also made the decision on our end to work together because we trust them fully and we know that they will deliver on the promise to make this the most complete and authentic Mortal Kombat yet.

So for me personally, this is a really cool story. Mortal Kombat influenced me when I was younger in many ways, and it is still influencing me today. You can see this plainly by looking at God of War III. I was always encouraging the team to push the gore and violence in the kills, and a large part of that was the way MK struck me when I college kid. It’s one of those games that changed the industry, and is why I bet a lot of people have the “I remember MK because” stories. It is an honor to be involved with it.

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arkard1000 said:

March 15th, 11:01 am


Smooth423 said:

March 15th, 11:02 am

Mortal Combat is becoming COD. Just die already.

xaos said:

March 15th, 11:04 am

I’m not a fighting game guy, but that trailer puts a smile on my face

Butters360 said:

March 15th, 11:06 am

God of War and Mortal Kombat need to have a baby. This is like the one night stand version. I can’t wait for this. The demo was amazing.

AguilarX said:

March 15th, 11:07 am

first!? seriously? people still do that crap? lol @ mortal kombat being COD :D
i cant wait to see kratos’ fatality, hopefuly this game reinvigorate the franchise like what sf1v did to street fighter.
hopefully it respects the first three mk.

chereb said:

March 15th, 11:07 am

@ 1: Good, you wanna a cookie?

chriz704 said:

March 15th, 11:08 am

Wow, that trailer was really good!


Cat_Corye said:

March 15th, 11:08 am

I don’t get what Mr. number two’s problem with this game.

But can’t wait to own people with Kratos.

forsaken_life said:

March 15th, 11:08 am

I’ve stopped playing mk since part 3 bacause i never like how they change it,but this one looks great,i can’t wait

sTeLioSco said:

March 15th, 11:09 am

really looking forward to this!

Christian399 said:

March 15th, 11:10 am

@1 Not supposed to say things like “first”. It’s juvenile and obnoxious.

2nd, Kratos in this game might actually encourage me to buy it; I prefer Eastern fighters. Have the + demo downloaded, but have yet to boot it up.

3rd, where the F is the White Knight Chronicles 2 post? EU has had theirs for a week now.

arkard1000 said:

March 15th, 11:10 am

well i saw this video some month ago, i’m not really mortal kombat fan.

and there are too many ways to see characters in other games, some people can see this like a great feature and others may think is not the right place to do it.

i´d like to try the gameplay because the first mortal kombat i played was 14 years ago!

about kratos i love god of war and because it´s history i think there must be a good connection to integrate him in mortal kombat, and he should really looks great or even better in this game in order to appreciate and not think “ohh what a $%&”

gamelover2 said:

March 15th, 11:11 am

I wonder what well be his moves and finish moves as well. I seen some of the game play and i have played the demo. I like how it feels and looks, hope some stages and moving background well be added to the games engine.

    Stig Asmussen's Avatar

    Stig Asmussen said:

    March 15th, 11:58 am

    The Netherrealm team did a great job making sure that the MK version of Kratos had a ton of great moves and fatalities that felt very true to God of War. It was easy to see that both development teams had spent time playing each others games and everything really came together well.

CaruthK said:

March 15th, 11:11 am

I’ve been rocking out with the DEMO for a week now & I’m getting this game DAY 1 after i pay some bills first LOL…
@ 6: That was funny good one man hahahaha

Q_2_FLY said:

March 15th, 11:12 am


playaplus said:

March 15th, 11:13 am

smooth…hell no, this game feels so old school it’s great. mk4 was decent but the best mk was trilogy…this brings that feel back. loving the ps plus demo. cant wait for all of psn to enjoy it. wish it had online but it’s still fun as hell. I keep going through the ladder on expert timing myself and trying to beat my previous times. So far I’ve gotten to 3.59 on expert w 2 rounds and 6.54 on expert w 3 rounds. hope all enjoy :D

thepatriots said:

March 15th, 11:15 am

How is MK becoming COD, its been like forever since the last one was out. I have no trouble having Kratos in my Mortal Kombat. It would be sweet if we could get Raiden from MGS Rising. Would be a natural fit.

I really think that all the game devs and producers/distributors needs to put their differences and contracts (impossible) aside and create a fighting game with every major video game character. See Kratos in MK is just tool cool not see that type of collaboration elsewhere.

playaplus said:

March 15th, 11:15 am

@forsaken you’ll love this i promise

Glacier928 said:

March 15th, 11:16 am

@Stig Asmussen
Great story! It’s definitely gotta be something really wild to see a character you’ve worked with be put in a game such as Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat has always been my favorite fighting game, and always will be. Kratos is definitely a perfect fit for the game, can’t wait to play as him! The demo was awesome but only got me more anxious to finally get my hands on the final copy.

    Stig Asmussen's Avatar

    Stig Asmussen said:

    March 15th, 12:02 pm

    It definitely put a smile on my face to see Kratos going head to head with the likes of Scorpion (and beating him!). His brutality wound up being a fantastic match for the over the top violence of the Mortal Kombat universe.

dragonleader33 said:

March 15th, 11:22 am

The demo was amazing and I cant wait for the full release. This is going to be a long month!

icewave35 said:

March 15th, 11:22 am

I think it’s a great idea they got, when they decided to do this. Many are angry about it, but for me it’s a tribute for a Brutal bad-ass playstation hero!

The_White_Fang said:

March 15th, 11:22 am

@2 Its nothing like CoD. Sure its been around a while, but CoD forces out a title every year. when this game comes out there will be 9 MK games in 19 years.

Its more comparable to a game like Final Fantasy, then CoD

Korbei83 said:

March 15th, 11:22 am

This is going to be the first fighting game I buy at retail since Killer Instinct. The demo was great. Definitely going to give Kratos a whirl.

Seeing_Red_Again said:

March 15th, 11:22 am

Cool, cant wait for God of War 4 though ;)

fijski8 said:

March 15th, 11:23 am

Hey Stig! And yes! I remember “Mortal Monday!” So awesome to know I am not the only one who remembers those great years of gaming. Anyhow.. The new MK looks awesome, and the demo was great! total remake and still the “wow” factor of the first MK. Can’t wait for the game, and Kratos is going to be awesome!

    Stig Asmussen's Avatar

    Stig Asmussen said:

    March 15th, 12:16 pm

    Ha. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!
    This latest MK definitely feels like the spiritual successor to those early days of the franchise and I think people who fondly remember the original will be happy when they get their hands on it.

Game_Guy said:

March 15th, 11:25 am

Everyone say it with me! NARIKO! NARIKO! NARIKO! This game needs some Heavenly Sword love, DLC maybe?

luchoalbo said:

March 15th, 11:26 am

ya quiero tener el mortal kombat para poder jugar con kratos

Butters360 said:

March 15th, 11:32 am

@ 25

Dude, it they added Nariko, THAT would be badass.

Zezzler said:

March 15th, 11:33 am

i have never really played any MK game before, but after playing the demo, I have to say i am REALLY impressed. the graphics looks great, the presentation is wicked, and most of all, its BLOODY FUN! I would have really enjoyed to try out Kratos, but hell, i bet he will be awesome nonetheless.

Great Job Ed, and everyone else at Netherrealm!

playaplus said:

March 15th, 11:34 am

@game_guy Ahh…Nariko. Heavenly sword is so underrated. I dont think she quite fits mk though.

playaplus said:

March 15th, 11:37 am

would’ve been nice to get something autographed by ed boon in the kollector’s edition. I remember pre-ordering mk armageddon and getting an autographed roster photo

mochuuu said:

March 15th, 11:37 am

awesome to see things go full circle like that!

zombie9 said:

March 15th, 11:37 am

Demo ROCKS I just preorder it today. Stig U the man. I been fan since the beging to and The SNES version was horible it had NO BLOOD only the Genisis version did. Kratos get over here:)

    Stig Asmussen's Avatar

    Stig Asmussen said:

    March 15th, 12:10 pm

    Thanks! Luckily this version of MK definitely does not suffer from a lack of blood.

Dominican-Glory said:

March 15th, 11:39 am


itsJose said:

March 15th, 11:40 am

Hey Stig how about that GoW3 epilogue that you all were working on! ;)

GibbShift said:

March 15th, 11:40 am

Sounds like this was just meant to happen. Can’t wait to see/play the final product.

WFMMK said:

March 15th, 11:45 am

Can’t wait for the new MK and the new GoW..hint..hint.

remanutd5 said:

March 15th, 11:46 am

are we getting God of War NGP ?

AmericanNinja1 said:

March 15th, 11:46 am

LOL! Kratos is pissed!

sNsKid said:

March 15th, 11:47 am

Nearly 1 month to go before MK is finally released. I can’t wait.

Nunchuckles said:

March 15th, 11:48 am

I want Kratos in Norse Mythology. I just know nothing about Norse Mythology, kind of the same when I knew nothing about greek mythology until Kratos implanted it into my mind.

playaplus said:

March 15th, 11:52 am

i am ready and willing to hand out cans of whoopass when mk launches next month

Steve_Stryker said:

March 15th, 11:54 am

Game looks great cant wait to get my playstation back from service work at sony :( so i can download the demo this is my second PS3 what is up with the quality of sony these days my ps2 and ps1 still work but im on my 2nd ps3 sorry for ranting just not 100 percent happy with the quality of the ps3

dusek said:

March 15th, 11:55 am

GOW for NGP would be cool. also how about adding sweet tooth to MK

BLEACH-Fan said:

March 15th, 11:56 am

I really hope we see Kratos again =), when will we see how he plays????

Steve_Stryker said:

March 15th, 11:57 am

also dont tell me that the demos only available to plus members hopefully not since with out knowing what im getting im not likly to purchase it.

MarinoBrea said:

March 15th, 12:02 pm

And I want to give a shout out to you STIG! After getting my hopes up for a GOWIII epilogue that never happened don’t think you’re off the hook, you guys better deliver the next God of War PRONTO. And if not a sequel or prequel or reboot or whatever to God of War (I understand Kratos and his tale is pretty much done and tired already) , then you’d better come up with something fresh and equally great. That AMAZING AND UNSURPASSED ENGINE you guys created for GOWIII has got to be put to good use and I mean ALREADY!

Vengeful-Chaos said:

March 15th, 12:02 pm

On the subject of God of War and Kratos when will we be getting #4? 2012 is coming up and I’d like to play it before the world goes kaboom.

toontagger said:

March 15th, 12:04 pm

I’m still loving that trailer, even since the VGA’s

killa1b91 said:

March 15th, 12:08 pm

It’ll be great if we kontinue to see kratos in future MK games. Hope this isn’t a one stop shop. Will he kontinue as a kombat fighter or will this be his only MK game?

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