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Feb 24

Feb 24

PS Vita: Our 9 Favorite Tips

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media


If you’ve picked up PS Vita then you’ve probably been too busy plowing through the dense launch line-up to have spent much time browsing the Settings menu. Luckily, you don’t need to – we’ve spent plenty of time with PlayStation’s new crown jewel and we’ve put together a few favorite tips and tricks we wanted to share. Of course, this is just a start: We want your tips, too!

If you’ve discovered any favorite PS Vita functions, please share them in the comments for all to enjoy this weekend.

1. Order in the court! By now, you’ve probably figured out how to move your game and app bubbles around the Home Menu by pressing and holding one using the front touchscreen, enabling you to drag it around into different frame. You can even change the background color or image by tapping the theme icon in the bottom right of each frame. Get creative and design your own background images (which you can transfer to your PS Vita via PS3) like James Gallagher from the EU PlayStation Blog did here.

PS Vita menusPS Vita menus

2. Let there be light. You can adjust your PS Vita’s OLED screen brightness mid-game without the hassle of jumping into the Settings menu. Just hold the PS button to bring up a quick-access menu that enables you to adjust brightness and your custom music options. Wanna listen to the soundtrack to Armageddon while carving through Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus? Don’t miss a thing, baby.

PlayStation Vita PSP Menu

3. Call for backup. Let’s face it: electronic devices have an uncanny affinity for toilets. We can’t prevent that, but we can help ensure you don’t lose your precious saved game data. Simply connect your PS Vita to your PS3 via the USB cable, open up the Content Manager on your PS Vita, and select the the Back Up option to back up all your PS Vita’s game data and gain a little extra peace of mind.

4. Say cheese! PS Vita comes equipped with a simple but game-changing new feature: The ability to snap screenshots of your in-game exploits. Just press the PS button and Start at the same time: You’ll see a white flash and hear the snap of a camera shutter and the resulting image will be saved and neatly categorized in your Photos gallery. You’ll be able to take screenshots in the vast majority of games, though not every game.

Rayman Origins

Super Stardust DeltaLumines Electronic Symphony

5. Prettier PSP games. PS Vita currently supports more than 275 legacy digital PSP games and more are on the way. You can also improve the way those lower-resolution PSP games look on the PS Vita’s screen by pressing and holding the front touchscreen to bring up a Settings menu where you can activate several options. Checking “bilinear filtering” and “color space” seems to yield consistently smoother results, but experiment with your PSP games to find your favorite combination.


6. Slip into something more comfortable. PS Vita enables you to adopt a custom panel to add a little flair to your PSN presence. To change your PSN panel, navigate to Settings, PSN, Account Information, and Panel to choose from a wide assortment of artwork from first and third-party games.

PlayStation Vita PSN Panel MenuPlayStation Vita PSN Panel Menu

7. Remote Play renaissance. Ever wish you could log into your PS3 remotely to access a video or initiate a PlayStation Store download? This handy feature isn’t technically new — it was supported on PSP — but thanks to PS Vita’s monstrous OLED screen and more powerful processors, it’s more useful than ever. Protip: Remote Play is compatible with any PSone games you may have on your hard drive, along with a handful of classic PSN games such as PixelJunk Monsters, PixelJunk Eden, and Peggle.

PlayStation Vita Remote Play Menu

8. Bluetooth bliss. PS Vita supports high-quality stereo Bluetooth for audio output, so if you’ve got a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones (ahem), you can pipe in your game audio without restricting wires. In the Settings menu, touch Network and Bluetooth Settings and you’ll be able to pair your headphones to your new PS Vita. If you get stuck on the pairing code, try “0000.” If that doesn’t work, check the manual that came with your headphones (or look it up online) to find the proper four-digit code. Now enjoy a better life — a life without wires!

PlayStation Vita Bluetooth Menu

9. Silence is golden. Some people like soft jazz, others prefer silence. If you want to turn off PS Vita’s toe-tappin’ menu music, you’ll find the option in Settings > Sound & Display > System Music. While you’re there, you’ll notice an AVLS option. This limits the maximum volume when using headphones — perfect if you share your PS Vita with a little one.

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DarkOne_PR said:

February 24th, 1:18 pm

Sid Im having Problems with Near and with Facebook Apps. I Already read the Problems with Facebook but what about Near? It doesnt seems to recognize my location… :( i did a factory reset even but nothing….

eliteinvaderd1 said:

February 24th, 1:22 pm

Is there any word on FROBISHER SAYS coming to the US? that game looks like a lot of fun! :D

Midgetguy said:

February 24th, 1:28 pm

One feature that I thought was kind of cool was how, not only can you share your screenshots by sending them in a message to someone… but, if you receive a screenshot of a game you’ve never seen before, a little PS Store icon appears in the bottom right hand corner, and when you touch it, it will take you directly to the page in the store containing info on the game, user ratings, the option to download the full game, or in some cases even the option to download demos and trailers for games!

It’s a great way to explore the variety of games available, and discover some new games you may never have heard of before!

Snuter said:

February 24th, 1:47 pm

Hey Sid!

I’m guessing that you weren’t kidding about the “Call for backup. Let’s face it: electronic devices have an uncanny affinity for toilets.”

Did you actually name your console Pooputer? That’s awesome and kinda gross at the same time.


February 24th, 1:48 pm

I think my Vita is broken cause I can’t play PS3 games on it…I was under the impression you can star a game on your PS3 pause it and pick up where you left off on your Vita… Hmmm what could I be doing wrong???

v-X_SHADOW_X-v said:

February 24th, 1:48 pm

Is there gonna be a Music Unlimited App for the Vita??

mrk1976 said:

February 24th, 1:54 pm

Just wanted to shout out to Sid and all the PS Blog staff, thanks for consistently answering forum questions! Knowing customer/fan feedback is being read and responded to is awesome, keep it up!

TMAZT3R said:

February 24th, 1:57 pm

Things I would like improved so far.
1. Massaging app takes to long to receive messages.
2. What is up with the remote play you advertised the crap out of it, but no games work except cheesy side scrollers, plus it is really laggy even in the same house of my ps3.
3. Add more cross play to games in the future.
4. Make it so, I can still download games while doing a force stand by.
5. Browser well, add html5 right now it has none. Plus make it play youtube videos.
Other than these concerns, I am loving it.

KGH said:

February 24th, 2:19 pm

Just dying to play my ps1 classics on my vita!

TheDeity said:

February 24th, 2:23 pm

I would like to be able to see my VITA trophies and my friends VITA trophies on my PS3

ElektroDragon said:

February 24th, 2:31 pm

I just got the Vita, and am forced to create a temporary PSN account before I can update the firmware and do anything with the system.


MarkakaJin said:

February 24th, 2:37 pm

Please fix the Facebook app, the Flickr app because I can’t view my uploaded pictures, and the Netflix app because I can’t view most of the titles I want to watch.

PhilCharisma said:

February 24th, 2:38 pm

What is up with the screenshot feature? I was absolutely thrilled when I read about it (it’s the little things…), but I haven’t been able to take a screenshot in nearly anything – which is a huge bummer in UMvC3, which is an absolutely gorgeous game. Can’t take a screenshot in PSP games, either. Any chance of expanding this feature?

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    February 24th, 4:41 pm

    PSP and UMvC3 are the two instances where I couldn’t take a screenshot — in all others, I was able to.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 2:47 pm

Wow go figure as I read through the comments I see people complaining about error codes left and right on vita in the apps that were released LOL. GO FIGURE. Then they say working on it lol. YEAH RIGHT! When will that be in 2014? I bet they haven’t even looked into it. Here’s a great tip thats true. DON’T BUY A VITA BUY A IPOD TOUCH 4th GEN. You can view youtube on it and record video’s on the ipod in 720 p HD and then edit the video on the ipod itself and post on you’re youtube channel all from the ipod over wifi all in itself. Then watch you’re video on YOUTUBE. Can vita do this? NOPE! It just does games as I hear people rant 24/7 as a pathetic excuse lol. From what I hear it can’t even do that right without sound dropping out and lockups. Have fun with you’re dull color VGA SD camera on a NEW VITA TECH lol.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 2:51 pm

Wow and to the idiots that are now ranting on the vita screen shot feature lol. They said that it was up to the DEVELOPERS to allow that feature on their game on the vita. So another words 1% of vita games will allow you to do that feature as you’re finding out. Something sony sure over hyped and it doesn’t even work half the time lol.

PhantomMenace84 said:

February 24th, 3:02 pm

My only problem so far with the vita is that the 3g is pretty much useless. So far the only things that use it are the browser and things like near. Why can’t you use the 3g for netflix??? It can’t be a bandwidth issue seeing as my phone easily plays movies from netflix. I understand remote play not being able to connect over 3g due to inconsistent signal and that it probably passes a good deal of info but why not netflix? Is 3g support for netflix coming any time soon? Hope someone sees this.

Plus I paid for 3g a few days before I was able to use it. At&t didn’t have the network up for those who got the vita a week early so I just wasted a few days. Other than these two things I love the vita. Great features and beautiful games. Things just need a little tweaking.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 3:07 pm

Dude the whole Vita needs tweaking lol. I’m glad I’m seeing all this on vita in the blogs cause now a vita in my future is a big NO. Its a joke and not the hype they made it to be. 3g was always a joke I don’t know why you guys opted for that butt rape scam. Most phones on the market right now put a vita to shame. Its sad it really is. A vita should’ve had memory built in and it should only be wifi only and only cost 150 tops.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 3:13 pm

I’m sad to say after buying every new sony device camera and gaming wise that this is the first time I see that their new device is a scam and joke. I’m glad to save my money and not get black mailed in hype and promises that apparently was lies and under delivering. 90% of the apps they have released is nothing more than error code after error code. They have no idea how to make anything right. I guess Apple is the pro’s at apps and touch screen stuff lol.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 3:21 pm

LOL at the sid telling people to go to links he post for help on vita lol. I thought you WORK FOR SONY man and know about sony products? I bet you mostly play on iphone and 360 but work at sony and lie that you game on ps3 lol. Tends to happen more and more with sony employees lol. we call tech up on the phone and customer service I swear don’t even know their own name none the less know about a sony product. Its always they DON’T KNOW and they don’t own a ps3 or psp and don’t know. If they don’t know and don’t OWN a sony product why the hell are you hiring them for customer service, Half the time my 3 year old son knows more about the ps3 than you’re employee’s do. You guys are overrated and under educated on you’re own products lol. What a shame!

jncasanova said:

February 24th, 3:26 pm


During remote play tap on the screen and press the Settings menu to map the R2, L2, R3, and L3 buttons to the rear touchpad or try other button configurations.

XFRod said:

February 24th, 3:34 pm

Awww, little PRINCESS can’t afford a Vita…. :(

” Half the time my 3 year old son knows more about the ps3 than you’re employee’s do.” – I’m going to assume your three year old son typed that out for you, too. You might want to teach him what an apostrophe actually is and, how to use it.

Christian399 said:

February 24th, 3:49 pm

My Near stopped working today. Netflix is also having issues (in Canada). Apparently Sony needs to authorize Canadian Netflix/ PSN accounts before they’ll work – so said the rep. Regarding Near, it was updating with incorrect location data since I’ve gotten it, and finally today, it just won’t update anymore. I’ve restored the settings and rebuilt the database. Seeing as I have like 20 gigs of data already on the device I don’t really want to restore it.

Laporta said:

February 24th, 3:51 pm

When and where can I register my vita?

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 3:54 pm

Hey Sony fanboy lol. I can’t afford a vita you say LMAO. Ok I guess I have 2 ps3’s and 3 HD tv’s 1 being 55 inch and the other 2 40 inch and 2 laptops and a Ipod touch 4th gen. So it seems I really can’t afford a vita huh LOL

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 3:56 pm

You sony fanboy noobs amaze me how dumb you’re come backs are to people that don’t agree sony is god. It just rages you huh lol

tigerbait_ said:

February 24th, 4:03 pm

Aww u poor little Princess. Mommy said I just bought u that iPod touch I am not buying u a Vita. And then mommy said and are the games free or do I have to buy them too. Get a life and stop hating on people cuz your mommy didn’t buy u one.

GGCAN said:

February 24th, 4:05 pm


If you don’t like the Vita and don’t like Sony, don’t buy the Vita.

Also, we don’t need all your useless comments. (one would be enough in my own opinion).

I love my Vita and PS3 and I think many others do as well.

I know up here in Canada…nearly everywhere you go, they’re already sold out and it’s only the 3rd day since it came out.

Keep up the great work Sony !

Hoping to see Skype added in the near future.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 4:09 pm

My mom? Boy I’m near 30 years old and own my own dam* house and married with 4 dam* kids and a mom that lives over 2500 miles away. So big fail on the rant you little KID! Oh and I’m using one of my kids psn accounts to post on here so SONY can’t ban my main account. It’s called using the BRAIN! You know what that is?

GGCAN said:

February 24th, 4:10 pm

@ 123 – Laporta.

Go to the Qriocity site.

You connect the Vita to a pc and you can register it there as well as activate it.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 4:12 pm

So be my guess and send hate mail to this account and I’ll be glad to report it lol.

GGCAN said:

February 24th, 4:17 pm

I guess it’s ‘Your time of the month’ Princess….haven’t seen somebody rant so much in a while.

kingotnw said:

February 24th, 4:21 pm

Way to ruin a thread Princess. Thanks for that.

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    February 24th, 4:43 pm

    Thanks for ignoring him. We’ll ban and continue to ban.

davionwalker22 said:

February 24th, 4:21 pm

hey i just buy my ps vita today but where to go to update sofware? keep saying that

GGCAN said:

February 24th, 4:24 pm

@133 – davionwalker.

On your Vita….go to Settings.

There you’ll find a few options, as well as System Update….touch that one.

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 4:29 pm

hey King you’re welcome! I have plenty more vita truth rants in the bag. Just let me know when you want to hear them lol

P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S said:

February 24th, 4:32 pm

Hey moderators if you block this account to post on the blogs I’ll just sign into the other 22 psn accounts I have. I have two ps3’s so I have many more accounts I can make to get my point across incase you want to block me from posting. If you block my IP address then I’ll just use library’s and friends house’s internet on my laptops and cell phones to. Piss me off and you’ll never be rid of me. Fix you’re products and stop over hyping you’re products and I’ll stop!

jeffsmither said:

February 24th, 5:10 pm

2 things
1. About the ability to snap screenshots in-game by pressing Start and playstation button, would it also bring up the pause screen?
2. When will we get Jill and Shuma for UMvC3 vita? I cant get my bought Shuma from ps3 to vita.

Link01 said:

February 24th, 5:21 pm

I could have sworn that the Vita was suppose to support in-game music. Why does my music pause when a game starts up?

Shinji170981 said:

February 24th, 5:28 pm

Got some small points as feedback so far from my usage over the past 2 days.

Power Saving – Please add an option to “Turn off Automatic Standby”
Wi-Fi: Please add a “Automatically connect to Wi-Fi XYZ”


Keyboard setting: Is there a way to relay this to the developer that they could implement the keyboard layout from the PS3. If you have to type combinations of letters and numbers it is very time consuming to switch between both modes so i would rather like to see a “Shift”-Key option for a regular keyboard layout that could be toggled with “Select”.

On the Vita its possible to see PS3 and Vita Trophies but on my PS3 i am not able to see them. Will there be an update for the PS3 in the future to addd this function there as well or is that not intended?

Thats everything so far from my side and overall i am pretty happy with my investment.
The only thing what i was a bit disappointed from the bundle was the missing of a casing for the Vita like you did for the very first PSP. I mean the Vita is very tough from the structure but it still would have had been nice if that would have been included in the package. For the time being i will probably carry around normally.


February 24th, 5:37 pm

You guys are going to ban him? He was mostly speaking the truth about things. I guess calling Sony out on things get you banned now? He was right when he mentioned they would try banning him lol.

spoptinator said:

February 24th, 5:41 pm

i don’t have a vita (yet) but i would just like to say…nice little jab at Itagaki-san there :P

Shinji170981 said:

February 24th, 5:42 pm

I do understand that there are people unhappy about their expectations and what the Vita turned out to be but on the other hand there are other ways to communicate your dissatisfaction about a product.
If you really want a company to improve and you are really willing to buy the product, make constructive suggestions instead of bad mouthing a company, their customers or their way of handling things.
Complaining is always easy. Suggesting a good way to solve it, is the toughest way.
Devs are no super humans and even the most skilled developer will hit a point where they need input from the customer.
Comparing the VITA and the PSP Go, i think the Vita is a good product. Dont get me wrong, i do like my Go as well but i think, my Vita will take its place at one point.
Even Sony can’t change everything what users want. You say, you are 30 years old, so you are my age and i am pretty well aware that not everything is possible in a modern corporate world today.

Regarding the “Ban” Annoucnement. According to the forum rules which princess clearly violated, she could be banned.

GGCAN said:

February 24th, 5:54 pm

Not sure if they fixed the Facebook app since the comments earlier, but I just tried mine and it’s still working like before.

Also, someone above said their near wasn’t working; mine is working in Toronto, Canada.


February 24th, 5:56 pm

Being mad cause a product is hyped up more than it should be and then I started reading all the complaints in this forum and he or she is right. The ps vita is having ton’s of issues right now and I’m seeing a lot of people complain of error codes on all the apps on the vita and now the near app isn’t working right. 300 bucks for a device hyped to be the best handheld out there with its current issues isn’t going to keep vita buyers happy or bring new buyers in. That person was venting in a way about that. Past the rage in his or her comments she or he had truth in it. But since they raged it out a understandable way, they threaten to ban him or her instead of listening to the reasons behind their rage and points it made. I lost more respect for Sony now since it appears if we complain we get banned. Great way to treat you’re customers sony. That person you call a troll must have a ps3 cause they have avatars. They purchased you’re products and have a right to a opinion.

GGCAN said:

February 24th, 5:58 pm

@ 122 Christian399.

My Neflix is working ok as well in Canada.

PhantomMenace84 said:

February 24th, 6:11 pm

Hey Sid Shuman!
Any info on whether or not they will support netflix on 3g? Or do they just plan on keeping it on the wi-fi?

Firecrest said:

February 24th, 6:17 pm

Sid, any idea when or if seamless online interactivity between the Vita and PS3 is in the pipeline- specifically granting PS3 users the ability to view online status or trophies obtained on the Vita? Not only is it a cool bragging rights feature, but it’s also a great way to advertise the Vita and games to those on your friends list.

Nicelydone_24 said:

February 24th, 6:20 pm

Sony fix the facebook app don’t understand why anything would be wrong with it. It was running fine on Wednesday not to pleased you guys haven’t announced anything about it, I had to go to google to even find any information about it nothing was on PSN even talking about it.

DemoniOtaku said:

February 24th, 6:21 pm

Any possibility of playing Flower via remote play with the vita? Now that’s possible with the gyroscope on vita..

Or Any ThatGameCompany project for Vita? Like some ThatgameCompany Portable Collection with Flow, Flower and Journey for Vita on retail and Digital?

And finally… PS+ Users have option to save on the cloud the save games and such from the Vita?

That’s Al and thanks for the Tips.. i’ll be giving myself some vita very soon ^^

massimodo said:

February 24th, 6:25 pm

@nascar legend, princess, twilight, who do you think you’re fooling? What a lame-o!

Princess: Fix YOU’RE products

Nascar Legend: They purchased YOU’RE products

Bad grammar gets you every time, feeb.

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