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Mar 06

Mar 06

Unit 13 Now Available: PS Vita’s First Social Shooter

Chris Roper's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

Are you ready to prove that you have what it takes to run with the best of the best? Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is happy to announce that Unit 13 is now available in North America, exclusively for PS Vita! Designed specifically for Vita, Unit 13 puts a console-quality shooter experience in the palm of your hands by offering true dual analog stick controls, detailed graphics and always-on network connectivity.

PlayStation Store and worked your way up the leaderboards then you’ll be happy to know that your save data, including your high scores and operative level progress, will carry over to the full game! Be sure to keep the demo on your PS Vita until you’ve launched the full game though – deleting the demo will remove the save file as well, so make sure your progress has transferred over before removing the demo from your system.

The team here at Zipper has worked hard on fine-tuning the experience in an effort to blend the best of the console world with the best of the portable world and we think you’ll agree that Unit 13 is a great fit in PS Vita‘s library. We’ll see you on the leaderboards!

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BlindsideDork said:

March 6th, 7:05 am

By “Available Now” you don’t actually mean it is available now, do you? Or is that just in stores but not on PSN?

Nazuul said:

March 6th, 7:10 am

Yeah, I don’t see it on PSN. What’s up with that?

Firepowerr said:

March 6th, 7:17 am

Obviously they haven’t updated the PSN yet.

I think I will wait it out and go for the Digital over Retail.

JimmyHACK said:

March 6th, 7:19 am

@BlindsideDork Sony should stop telling it’s devs/publishers to stop using the phrase in post/trailers until Sony gets with the times and sets up automated midnight store updates…

Title looks great.

JimmyHACK said:

March 6th, 7:20 am

one too many stops in the above comment, but you get the point….

Go Go Chris Roper IGN Alum!

DarktaxFA said:

March 6th, 7:21 am

meh not out until the 13th in game stores in the uk ……… just going to get on amazon fed up with them being useless … lol great game tho loved the demo : )

Shrewder said:

March 6th, 7:21 am

I’ve already picked up my retail copy.


Link01 said:

March 6th, 7:22 am

Is it out now? Before the store update O.o… that would be amazing.

Rhysis1330 said:

March 6th, 7:23 am

Gotta pace myself, too many games I need to play… plus the freebie coming tonight! This is the first time I do not regret being an early adopter!!!

LBartley said:

March 6th, 7:24 am

I’m planning on going full digital with my Vita, but these late Store updates are going to make that a challenge. Higher profit margins on the digital versions should be incentive for Sony to get things sorted though.

Automated midnight publishes sounds absolutely like the way to go.

M-Easy said:

March 6th, 7:24 am

Pre-orderd and currently on a UPS truck en route to my Vita.

x_IRISH_BULL_x said:

March 6th, 7:25 am

Pull the camera view back like you guys did with SOCOM 4. It was bad on a TV screen for SOCOM 4, it’s even worse for a 5in screen.

rezen84 said:

March 6th, 7:25 am

Sony updated the store with PS3 tittles (Mass Effect 3), they are missing Unit 13 and MLB 12 The Show.

spoonTRex said:

March 6th, 7:27 am

Sony, if you’d love digital distribution to work out, you’ve got to start doing midnight PSN releases of every game on release.

I’ll be picking this up at Gamestop today (thanks to a $10 coupon I was emailed).

JimmyHACK said:

March 6th, 7:32 am

With Vita titles also be available all digitally I can see them setting up midnight automation in the near future.

butcherknife said:

March 6th, 7:36 am

Why haven’t there been any published reviews of Unit 13? I already pre-ordered (based on the demo) and it is on its way to my house, but it seems strange that there are no reviews, yet.


March 6th, 7:36 am

BAHAHAHAHHAHA AWSOME SONY THANKS FOR THE GAMES IN THE PSN STORE>>>>>>>>>>NOT! thanks for nothing yet again. awsome way to show the fans and followers ya care.


March 6th, 7:38 am

I bought the physical version and LOVE IT!

kivi95 said:

March 6th, 7:59 am

15# There are some reviews. The scores have been 6-8./10

shinjix2 said:

March 6th, 8:11 am

Getting this game today! Will there be Gyro Aiming in the retail version? Or maybe in a future update? Uncharted: GA has spoiled me!!

    Chris Roper's Avatar

    Chris Roper said:

    March 6th, 12:03 pm

    No plans for aiming with the gyroscope. The goal was to bring the same sort of controls that you get from the PS3 to the Vita to show that shooters can be just as great there, so the team didn’t want to go down any “alternate” routes.

Oldrenn1 said:

March 6th, 8:24 am

im there dude!!!!!!!!!

xCh0z3n-0n3x said:

March 6th, 8:34 am

Getting this on Saturday :D looks good!!

DaMann22 said:

March 6th, 8:35 am

@15, I know IGN has theirs up. Others probly will soon add theres throughout the day.

Still im buying this as soon as the store goes up. BEYOND!!!!

dyll said:

March 6th, 8:43 am

Can’t wait to download my copy, Chris. BEYOND! We miss you!

BlindsideDork said:

March 6th, 8:44 am

Is it safe to assume the price of this will be $40 retail and $35.99 digital?

KingLytell said:

March 6th, 8:46 am

This sucks!!! This is the game I’ve been looking forward to getting day one of my vita purchase. I was under the impression that I could get this game on the PSN today! I still don’t see it WTF!!! When will I be able to buy this game on the PSN???


Nazuul said:

March 6th, 9:01 am

Cheap Ass Gamer has a coupon in their forums I believe for $10 off at Gamestop.

SSMiKe06 said:

March 6th, 9:02 am


Reading would actually help, you’ll be able to download once the PSN update finishes late this afternoon early evening like everyone else.

So, you’ll be able to get it TODAY as you nicely put it yourself.

ninipop said:

March 6th, 9:21 am

Lol tittles

DeTroyit said:

March 6th, 9:40 am

PSN what the heck…Games should be released @ Midnight, Sony what are you thinking.

D-Squad3 said:

March 6th, 9:42 am

There are 6 characters but they only show 2 in the trailer? WTF?

    Chris Roper's Avatar

    Chris Roper said:

    March 6th, 12:01 pm

    It’s due to time I think. The original idea was to show everyone but their segments went by too quickly (or the trailer got too long), so it’s more of a “here are some examples” type of scenario.

rezen84 said:

March 6th, 9:53 am

@ninipop why bother correcting myself?..then two posts back to back?

KingLytell said:

March 6th, 10:04 am


I feel the same way.

Falaut said:

March 6th, 10:12 am

Picked it up this morning and getting a little in before work. Awesome game! Nice controls. Already did the daily challenge. Fun stuff, really!

Something small though. On the online pass card it specifically states that to redeem your online code through your Vita you need to “select the PSN icon, and go to redeem codes”. Uhm, there is no PSN icon on the Vita UI, you simply do it through the store. Meh.

Happy gaming!

    Chris Roper's Avatar

    Chris Roper said:

    March 6th, 12:00 pm

    If you try to play online the game will take you right to where you need to enter the code, so you shouldn’t need to search around for the icon on the store.

TigreMad said:

March 6th, 10:12 am

Just counting the minutes to download this one.

PanteraRawks said:

March 6th, 11:11 am

Look forward to playing Unit 13 and MotorStorm RC. Wish they were available to download now on PSN.

Sony, is there a reason for the vague “afternoon” release time? Why not just make it availble first thing in the morning, regardless of timezones, so people can get on with their day?

LoganSSommer said:

March 6th, 11:13 am

Just picked up my copy! It looks and feels great!

KingLytell said:

March 6th, 11:16 am


When you lunch the PS Store at the top of the page before you touch start you have to touch the little icon that looks like a pencil writing 1 2. Once you touch that icon it will take you to a page where you can redeem your codes. Hope this helps. BEYOND!!!

BreBaz said:

March 6th, 11:50 am

Not on the store yet!!

    Chris Roper's Avatar

    Chris Roper said:

    March 6th, 11:58 am

    It should be available when the PlayStation Store publishes later today.

Partnur said:

March 6th, 11:57 am

It looks great! Hopefully Unit 13 will have everything the manual says it has, unlike SOCOM 4. Unit 13 looks and feels just like SOCOM 4 but I’m glad it has one objective at a time instead of 3. And not having friendly fire keeps the game fun, too! The only bad thing is that it doesn’t have multiplayer besides co-op but maybe next time! Here’s to hoping Zipper makes more games like Unit 13 for the PS3 from now on!

Rh0gii said:

March 6th, 12:36 pm

It is stupid to not have a “midnight” release of their digital games. I have a 10.00 coupon, but I’m going to save that for a game that I’d rather have a physical copy of. As for this one, it’s so (drop-in/drop-out) play mode, that I’d rather have this in the system at all times to get in, do a quick mission and get out to play something else without fusing with the cartridge swap.

lowanbing said:

March 6th, 12:53 pm

My boy and i both love this game (demo version) we’ve both maxed out the levels and have been waiting patiently for the full game. This is my favorite thing on the PSV- it’s the reason my son had me go buy him one of his own! Love it! Can’t wait to download the full game!


March 6th, 1:10 pm

Nice new ip zipper, Can you guys now throw out a patch for Socom 4? why did you guys bail out on a community who loves socom…


March 6th, 1:10 pm

At least one more DLC with some old socom 1 and 2 maps.

ErockK92 said:

March 6th, 1:26 pm

I was really looking forward to this game after playing the demo. Please release it for digital download.

Bad_Brains said:

March 6th, 1:39 pm

Picked it up today and I am really enjoying it so far! Any plans for DLC including more weapons and such?

logicsquirrel said:

March 6th, 1:44 pm

Come on Sony please update the store :)

Badmamajamma said:

March 6th, 2:40 pm

I have had a bunch of issues with the co-op. When I host a game I have sound but the person who joins does not, if I join a match I have no sound. The game has asked for my online pass code a few times, though I had already entered it. My brother and I spent the day trying to get into a match where we both had sound to no avail. Is this a patch solution or high demand on servers or what?

I went to a midnight release to get this game, the solo is great, I love it. The parts of the game that are working for me are quite awesome. Thanks for that. Please address this concern.

Wrru said:

March 6th, 3:02 pm

Where is the digital copy Sony? I’m buying into your download ecosystem, please deliver. Thanks

READIbetweenl said:

March 6th, 3:10 pm


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