Nico Nico: Social Video Service Coming Today to PS Vita

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Nico Nico: Social Video Service Coming Today to PS Vita

Hey PlayStation fans! Nico Nico is a social video networking service that allows you to view and overlay time stamped comments on live or uploaded videos. I’m excited to announce that a PS Vita dedicated Nico Nico application will be available on PlayStation Store starting today. With more than 27 million subscribers worldwide, Nico Nico consistently ranks within the top 15 most-viewed sites in Japan, so we’re looking forward to expanding the Nico Nico community by bringing this app to PS Vita owners in North America.

Nico Nico for PS VitaNico Nico for PS Vita

Nico Nico: Social Video Service Coming Today to PS Vita

With June 4th just around the corner, you’ll want to keep up with all of the exciting news and games that will be unveiled at this year’s PlayStation E3 2012 press conference. Nico Nico will be the only service that enables you to watch a beta livestream of the PlayStation press conference directly on your PS Vita. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to watch all of the latest and greatest from PlayStation at E3 on the go than on your 5” OLED screen.

Future updates to the app will allow you to broadcast directly from your PS Vita, as well as upload and view your own videos. Stay tuned for more updates on PlayStation apps right here on PlayStation Blog.

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  • This nico nico app is a poor excuse for a youtube app there isn’t even a search feature and almost all of the videos are anime and all types of bs I wouldn’t bare to watch Sony get a working Youtube app omg I’m tired of my friends being able to watch videos on there smartphones and I’m stuck converting youtube videos to mp4s so my vita can play them getting pretty tired of using a restrictive content manager app, might as well put Android ICS on my Vita and dual boot it probaley get more use out of the hardware capabilties of the Vita that way anyhow.

  • As much as you guys don’t want to admit it NASCAR_Rcn8 puts up a very valid argument that in order for the PSV to compete in the marketplace it should have a decent broswer that supports flash and html5 it would be a much better device if it had a modern browser.

  • Very awesome & i’m ready for E3 this year.

  • holy mother did we really get this garbage? honestly sony wtf
    look into the youtube app further we dont need this kind of stupid stuff on our vitas and it DEFINATELY doesnt support the vita much… a freakin ipod touch ten times smaller than a vita can do a better job for internet browsing and plays youtube but the vita a beast of a handheld cannot? i feel like im losing support for sony these days… wow guys

  • love the idea but there too muchn lag and sd channel looks really bad on vita.

  • also we need more channel im tired of nasa

  • as for as vita agrument sony already stated there in talk with adobe for flash player support on vita. sony is being smart instead of having 1000s of want 100s of great apps.

  • Thanks for bringing this app Stateside. I love Nico Nico!

  • @ erico316ecw….. LMAO boy of that helps you sleep at night thinking that with apps for vita then I will pray for you and I’m not religious LMAO.

  • is nico nico only for the us ps store?

  • FEEDBACK after testing: lack of filters to be able to keep kids out of more mature channels, lack of information about this product being based on subscription for quality streaming (*misleading*), with the lack of opening this to users being able to create, there is very little English based things. And not addressing if it will cost the user to be able to create to maintain more U.S servers.

  • Yes this is a great move for the Vita… Now we just need flash and html support for the browser and a youtube app.. And one question, will we also get to have this app on our PS3 as well? Maybe in the near future?

  • So glad i got my vita cant wait to get home today to check it out

  • why don’t you bring this service in europe too? I want niconico on my psvita!

  • I downloaded this app as soon as I saw it was available. I have been waiting for niconico to go live in America foreverrrr. Hopefully they get the live stream and other features running on the American one soon!

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