Start Your Morning With Wake-up Club For PS Vita Next Week

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Start Your Morning With Wake-up Club For PS Vita Next Week
Wake Up Club for PS Vita

Back in April, we unveiled a host of new applications coming to PS Vita, including Wake-up Club, a new interactive way to start your day with other PS Vita owners. Next Tuesday, the application will be available to download for free on the PS Vita PlayStation Store in North America!

Let’s face it: getting up in the morning isn’t something we usually look forward to, but Wake-up Club adds some social fun into the mix to make getting out of bed more bearable. In addition to adding alarm clock functionality to PS Vita for the first time, including the ability to personalize your alarm tone and background theme, Wake-up Club matches 12 randomly selected players who set their alarm clock at the same time into a—you guessed it—wake-up club!

Wake Up Club for PS Vita

As soon as your alarm goes off, your avatar will begin bouncing around the PS Vita touchscreen. Tapping your avatar lets other players know you’re now awake. Once in the virtual club room, you can see other players’ avatars, as well as who’s awake and who’s still sleeping. Tapping the sleeping players’ avatars will “cheer” them on. If you happen to keep snoozing though, you’ll notice that the rest of the Wake-up Club players will begin appearing on your screen. Swipe them away and tap your avatar to join the rest of the group. Additionally, you can send friend requests and find out more information about each player by tapping their avatar. Make sure to check out your club records to see how many times you’ve managed to wake up within five minutes, how many consecutive successes you’ve managed, and the average time it takes you to wake up.

Wake Up Club for PS VitaWake Up Club for PS Vita

To get set up with Wake-up Club, access your PS Vita system’s Settings menu, choose Date & Time, then Date & Time Settings. Ensure that Set Automatically is ticked. Then you’re good to go! Be sure to check out Wake-up Club when it launches on the PS Vita PlayStation Store next Tuesday, January 15th. Happy snoozing!

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  • Megaman x theme plz wake me up when app releases

  • I’ve been looking forward to this app: Here’s my two cents on it, and other aspects of the Vita:

    – Don’t make this an app, just include it in the Vita software via a patch. It might not take up much space, and I’d rather it didn’t take up another bubble in the interface.

    – I agree with the others. Allow the Vita interface to allow us to group apps, especially so I can group this, Frobisher Says, Treasure Park, Paint Park, and Welcome Park into one section.

    – Patch Welcome Park to allow for in-game challenges. There’s some fun mini games with timed challenges that appear on the LiveArea. I’d like to challenge my friends (like MotorStorm RC), since we all have the app.

    – Bring trophies to Paint Park and Treasure Park, online multiplayer of some sort to Paint Park, and showcase each Park game (along with Frobisher Says) in an introductory section of the Vita PS Store.

    – Can the Vita get the cool panels available in PlayStation All-Stars to use for our profiles? Even half would be great. Better yet, allow Plus users to display our Vita PSN profile panels on our PS3 PSN profiles.

  • I would LOVE to have this on my iPhone!! Please do this app for phones too, would be really nice! ^_^

  • Do I just keep the Vita in suspend mode with the software running, or will it know to automatically load it for me too?

  • Are the customizable themes dynamic and specific to wake up club? Or will we be able to just use any image we have on our Vita.

    Also I’m hoping we can use our own music as the alarm, does anyone know?

  • thi is comming to PS_Latam?

  • Thanks for the response, Don. I see now you replied about the alarms. Hopefully there’s some good choices in there preloaded.
    This might be more work than it’s worth, but I’d buy DLC that added the ability to play your own music as the alarm.

  • excellent, now can you please bring a Google+ app to the vita? thanks oh and i have a few game requests too: please bring an online only multiplayer game ala Warhawk. Fat Princess, Dead Nation would be great on the vita as well.

  • There are three solutions to fix the LiveArea Limits

    * A setting in Systems, to display Games in Music Player or XMB format, this would fix all issues with LiveArea limits at the expense of one application slot

    * Adding Folders into the LiveArea(You need a memory card anyways, make it happen for an optional install)

    * Increasing the LiveArea limit to something very difficult to obtain, 500(50 windows)

  • Thanks, and Patapon theme plz.

  • Glory Be! Thank you, Thank you Sony and Don for letting us know when to expect Wake Up Club. I’ve been asking for an Alarm clock app and waiting and annoying everyone begging for it on the blog for this to come to the US forever.

    Thank you so much for making 2013 start out awesome!

    Please make a Killzone and LocoRoco theme, and Uncharted would be great too. Heavenly Sword with Nariko would be a plus too.

  • OH YES!

  • I must have a Journey theme with Austin Wintory’s “Apotheosis” playing at the 1:12 mark! Make it happen Sony!

  • Mr. Mesa if I may make some sort of theme idea/request it’s these two songs.
    I Say Ooh – Jeff Williams
    A Morning of the Slag Ravine – Castle In The Sky

    Sadly, this is nothing more than a wishlist.
    Will we have free range to change the times day to day? And, is there something of a scheduler in the app day one?

  • I have a question. Will you need to have your Vita on for this app to work, or will your Vita turn on automatically, and it’ll activate the alarm by itself?

  • Above all, PLEASE add an Update section to the PS Store on PS Vita where we can see all the patches for our game library + apps and allow us set them all to download and install in the background. I find it annoying that we have to keep opening separate apps to see if they have updates instead of having a central place where you can check them all much like the App Store.

    Minor issues: Increase the Trophy card in the trophy app to fit your entire PSN name or lower the font size, allow us to download HD video from the PS Store instead of SD only for PS Vita. QR Code functionality would be a really neat idea also if it could replace inputting codes for instance. And highlight the current game inside the PS Vita at all times.

    • I couldn’t agree more about updates. We’re working hard on a solution there. Thanks for your points on the minor issues as well.

  • Hello Don and fellow gamers… I’m not trying to offend anyone but can you please have a bible app? My Ps Vita is my tablet too. Especially now with the email app. Please bring a bible app!

  • I have to admit at first this sounded really stupid, but after reading the whole post I can’t help but be excited for some reason, lol. I usually use my phone to wake me, so it will be interesting to to try something new and a tad more exciting than LG’s “Good Morning” song every morning.

  • Don masa can you plz consider adding music animations to the music, a calender, a notes app, a way to arrange and make folders on the vita, asistive touch for the home button, a sleep timer for music, faster internet browser, a way to upload videos from the vita, a calculator app, pandora app, a way to send music, videos ,nd files across vitas, a copy paste option for the browser, better quality on the camera, make the maps faster, more apps, and plz fix the freezing on the browaser when loading heavy sites. I know its alot but i really think this will make the vita better.

  • I could see myself rearranging my room slightly for this.

    And I already got the charging dock cradle thingy, so…

  • and a bible app like jawara said above for us christians, no offense intended.

  • Thank you for releasing this app in the US for free. I have been in need for a new alarm clock since my phone has a mind of its own and decides that some days are good for sleeping in. With non gaming apps making their way onto the Vita I was wondering why Sony doesn’t use the Vita or Playstation Mobile to get more non gaming apps on the market place. I would love to see a Sports Center app on my Vita so I can see stats on the fly or even something like a IMBD app. I know that there is a web browser and it seems to function ok, but dedicated apps always look better and this can be one more notch in the Vita’s belt. That’s my two cents. Bring more apps to the Vita anyway you guys can. Thanks again.


    • We hear ya. Our priority is in delivering the best gaming experience on Vita, but non-gaming apps are important to us as well. We’ll keep plugging away at bringing more dedicated apps to our system.

  • Ecolibrium Please!!!

  • Don, I would also like to know if the US is getting the T@G app, the Crackle app, or the Hulu app? Thanks again and tell SCEA that people want more apps on their Vita. Keep up the good work.


  • PS Vita is now my phone, main gaming system, music player, and now my alarm clock. Nice.

  • looking forward to this looks cool

  • Uncharted theme a loco Roco theme a God of war theme a sound shapes theme a Street fighter theme a infamous theme a ratcheting clank theme Pixar junk themes and of course Killzone and resistance

  • Ratchet and clank theme I meant to say

  • The only bummer in this is that I can’t set The Circle of Life as my alarm because I can’t have custom alarms, only preset ones. And that’s a pretty big bummer, honestly. I don’t really get why you wouldn’t allow custom alarms unless you’re planning on making the additional alarms for download later come at a price, and I gotta tell ya, buying an alarm tone seems like a huuuuuge waste of money to me.

    So yeah, that’s the only bummer. Hopefully that can be added later, but again, it seems less like a technical limitation and more like a corporate one. Still really looking forward to the app.

  • YESSSS ive been waiting for this a loooongg time !! for one reason ……cuz I hate to lay down my UNBELIVABLE VITA ,now it will be vita telling me good morning every day man !!!!nice nice nice nice such a big fan I amm :D
    I need more cross controller man !!! THXXX PLAYSTATIONNN !!!

  • I would love to see themes for the Last of Us, Metal Gear Solid (Ground Zeroes?), Gravity Rush, LBP, Uncharted and Tearaway to name a few. Not game related if possible then I’d love a Dark Knight theme! Would be awesome if the DLC would allow us to have custom UI and background for the PS Vita overall and not just Wake up Club :)

  • About damn time! Japan has all the good applications their PS Vita’s

  • Finally! :D

  • Perfect timing!, been over sleeping alot since the year started & usually leave both my systems on.

    Thank you guys!.

  • Can you actually use it as an alarm? XD Seriously though, can you?

  • We’re aware of this limitation and are looking into it. We definitely want to encourage more downloads.
    To Don: I would love to support the $6.99 fee for the Colors app, I would also like to give some of the Playstation Mobile games a try as well as download some of the mini’s(Yes I know mini’s are playable on the PS3, but I can’t play them while at work), but until they fix the Livearea problems, I won’t touch them.

    But thank you for listening.

  • wouldnt enabling remoteplay in all games, dvds/blurays help vita much MUCH more and take a LOT less work than this? Seriously, hackers did it. Vita needs all the help it can get.

  • Cool + free seems to be the theme with Sony lately. Guys are quickly turning me into a fanboy with all the benefits to plus and non-plus members. Keep it up :)

  • I find paint park to be completely unusable. Can’t finger paint. I’d love a stylus addon of some sort. Not those touchscreen stylus’ as fat as a finger, they are no better. I mean an addon that plugs into the EXT port and is actually accurate.

  • OK, I’ve been thinking the couple people who’ve been whining/demanding this app every week were ridiculous, but reading the description, I now think it’s kind of neat. And adding trophies never hurts. I’m getting this and joining Wake Up Club as soon as it debuts.

    Thanks, Don.

  • i like the idea and all but,

    a) what if you are not in a place that does not have wi fi and or you do not have AT&T 3G service?
    b) does it have a function to auto turn on the vita if it is powerd down?

    i ask this because like me most folks do not have easy access to such things. like my room for instance the wireless router we have will not reach into my room. and we cant get the 3G service yet. i hope you thought of that as well.

  • Hey SCEA!

    I would just to kindly ask, are there no plans to release the other free Vita apps like the EU region has?

    Like ecolobrium, travel bug, t@g, imagintruments???

    Please do release this soon. As you have said, America is the biggest market for the Vita, so give this region lots of love!


  • Jesus..what took so long lol finally!!

  • @Don Mesa

    1.) When are we going to see full HTML5 and PDF capability on Vita?? :o :o

    2.) I think we need a larger Live Area space than 10 pages of 10 “bubbles” to fill,as mine is filling up with games,apps and demos! ;)

    3.) A friends list of more than 100 would be good too. :)

    4.) An eBay app would nice to have at times. :)

    5.) Better email checking and use capability? :) I check my email on my Vita! ;)

    6.) More game releases would be a real boost for Vita morale out here too!I do LOVE my Vita by the way. ;)

    7.) Is there any truth to the rumors I’m hearing that Sony is going to pull the plug on Vita in 2013 because of poor
    sales and all during the 2012 year/Christmas selling season?WOULD BE A REAL SHAME IF AT ALL TRUE!! :( :(

    • Love all the feedback. A couple of surprises too (PDF?) but noted. We’re doing everything we can to bring more games to Vita and support like yours definitely helps.

  • I am super excited for this! Cannot wait! I am wondering if any of the “Discovery” apps like Travel Bug are coming to North America also. Would love it if the vita could take more advantage of the Near app when I am out the house .

  • Gotta love free apps. looks interesting, day one download for sure.

  • 1.This has been asked before but if I where to leave my vita on and attached to the charger so I can use this app will my battery lose its life span sooner(if so Significantly or barely) then charging it till it’s full then unplug it ?

    2.Oh and will there be in depth instructions on how to use this application like make sure not to have screen lock on and so forth?

    [Tip To Save Battery: Use flight mode to avoid refresh while sleeping, away from WiFi areas and bad mobile network signal (exp: Camping . .) is an easy way to save power.]

  • What happen to the promised HULU app & Crackle App, Travel Bug, Ecolibrium and Imaginstruments ,
    They are so long due…its suppose to be out by 2012! Also I want Kingdom Hearts & Walking Dead on the Vita!
    Please make feedback on these.

  • Dear Don,
    Do you have any idea if the Wake-up Club coming for the Europe Store?

  • wher in the vita psn store do we find the app? I can’t find it. :(

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