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Feb 17

Feb 17

MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba! 2

Ryan Olsen's Avatar Posted by PR Manager, MoneyPaw Games

Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba 2

It has been a wild and fun six weeks releasing classic game after classic game with the Retro Rush. What’s the Retro Rush? We’ve been releasing a new import PSone Classic on the PSN for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP. So far, the Retro Rush has included Double Dragon, Lucifer Ring, The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny and Wolf Fang.

We’ve gotten a lot of great response from everyone and it’s made us happy to see these games being enjoyed again.

However, the Retro Rush has all been leading to this point, the game that we’ve gotten the most requests for out of any other game we’ve released: Tomba! 2. Tomba! 2 is a title we’ve wanted to release for the longest time but we’ve had to overcome some technical hurdles first.

On February 18th, you can download the Japanese import version of Tomba! 2 for your PS3, PS Vita and PSP. Since the title is in Japanese, we’ll be providing a complete walkthrough on our website for players.

Tomba!, for those who are just learning of our wild jungle boy, was created by Tokuro Fujiwara, who many gamers will recognize having a hand in other classic games like Ghosts ‘n Goblins and MegaMan. Tomba! 2 picks up where the first title left off and puts our hero on a magical platforming journey full of memorable moments.

Tomba! 2 continues the adventure of the wild, pink haired jungle boy but this time, he is out to save a friend that mysteriously disappeared. That will lead Tomba! on a quest through some unique locations that will highlight the blend of 2D/3D platforming gameplay that makes the series so unique.

The critically acclaimed sequel brings with a slew of improvements along the way like suits that give Tomba! special powers and heavier use of 3D models to bring the game world to life. The Adventure Point system makes its return too that keeps the gameplay fresh all the way to the last boss.

The Retro Rush will start to slow down now that Tomba! 2 is out but that won’t stop our commitment to classic, retro games. Video games have such a rich history and we’ve made it our mission to continue to digitally release titles like Double Dragon, Lucifer Ring, The Firemen 2, Wolf Fang and Tomba! 2.

Have suggestions of games you want to see next? Find us on Twitter at @MonkeyPawGames and let us know!

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thejohn27 said:

February 26th, 5:35 pm

I also purchased this game without knowing it wasin japanese, I was so pumped to play this games like I did years ago on my PSone, I contacted customer service and my request for refund is being proccesed. Next time you should mention the language of the game in the title something like this: Tomba2 (jap import).

Golfwang0022 said:

February 26th, 6:46 pm

Such a disappointment I’m all for culture, but don’t fix something that isn’t broken. FDB!!

andmandagawd99 said:

February 28th, 11:18 pm

I bought Tomba 2 on PSN but, there was no description of the game saying that it was a Japanese Import, until after the purchase. I can’t understand the language which makes the game somewhat unplayable, so is there anyway I can get my money back?

Computer_Virus said:

March 1st, 2:56 pm

I hope i get the English Version, FOR FREE, because i am not Japanese, i do not speak Japanese, i NEVER cared for games with Japanese Language, i should not have to buy the English Version.

There needs to be a precise fix, for all games, where when you buy the game, you get ALL of the ones that are forged with different languages, better yet, why the heck is there not a language option when you press the PS button!

There needs to be that option, or just stick with the part where when you buy the game, it comes with the rest in different languages!

I will be waiting, this is money from people, gladly spent just to play this, then we get a downer.

If we can get to the moon, then surely this should NOT be a problem, just saying.

The best we can do, is just sit here and wait it out, if i don’t get the correct version when this is fixed, i am not buying another PS/PS2/PS3 game from that online store, because problems like these shouldn’t even happen.

Waited my whole childhood to play this game, yet again, another downer.

CICGamer said:

March 2nd, 11:14 am

Retro game rush you say? That’s awesome, unfortunately school takes a big chunk of time but ill definitely check this out! Also PS1 games Crash 1,2,3 and Spyro 1,2,3 on Vita *cough *cough.

Thunderican said:

March 2nd, 1:37 pm

I must agree with some of the comments here. I like the fact that we get the jap voices from the characters, but the lack of English language on a text based game, total fail. I know you were just trying to comply, but I guess it shows little care for the PSN customers.

Using the USA box art was a way on putting awaiting fans hopes way up. I should’ve read the full description on the PSN store before going all-in and buying the game. It actually shows if you scroll down that it’s a JAP import, but I guess it should be the first thing to show.

Among other things (And don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge PS fan), but other consoles/companies really puts an effort on customer satisfaction when if comes to roms or ports, specially developing patches for language selection. Having a walkthrough to let you play the game pretty much takes out the fun having to stop or pause to decrypt what we are watching on the screen.

At the end:
+ great work on bringing a nostalgic game back.
+ being able to hear JAP voices.

– JAP text on a text based adventure game.
– lack of language selection.
– misleading box art.

BinksMGS said:

March 2nd, 6:44 pm

It is very disappointing that it’s in Japanese version. I’ve been wanting to have this game for a long time, and then when the game finally came out for PSN, we got excited. Bought the game but it is not what we had expected. Yes, I am guilty of not reading the description. I know that would be my fault, but the box art is very misleading! I’m sorry that such a good game has a low rating, but we all know why it does. Of course the English text and voices are what we really need for this game, but the soundtrack is what I would want too! The music is what brings nostalgia in most, if not all, games! I am happy that Tomba 2 is finally out, but I really hope you find a way to patch it. I am willing to wait. I’m sure a lot of people are willing to wait for it. I don’t like having this feeling that I just wasted my money. Again, I know it’s my fault for not reading the description, but the people would have been more aware that it’s in Japanese if the box art is not the North American version. I hope you can work something out for the North American version!

JohnDoe2089 said:

March 5th, 7:45 am

I have this game on the PSX the only reason I bought it was to make it easier to play than diggin out my PS2 and unpluging my PS3. If I knew it was a japanese import I wouldn’t have bought it.

Computer_Virus said:

March 5th, 2:35 pm

Also, even if I was to play this game, how the heck am i suppose to save my files if i can’t READ the Japanese text!!

does it say not enough data, does it say this game is incompatible with my system, I DON’T KNOW.

No, don’t say I should randomly go through the options and see if i am able to save my game data by randomly clicking all the words, BECAUSE THAT IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD BE TO BEGIN WITH WHEN IT COMES TO VIDEO GAMES.

macdaddymario said:

March 6th, 5:12 am

So.. now that I’ve made a purchase that CLEARLY depicted an American released “Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return” (as it’s still shown in PSN with an US cover image) and ended up with a copy of “Tomba 2: The Wild Adventures”.. It’s legally fair of me to assume that I’ll either be receiving the game I ACUTALLY purchased, free of charge at a later date, or I’ll be receiving a full refund. Which of the two is is?

macdaddymario said:

March 6th, 5:38 am

is it* Which of the two is it.. my mistake.

TheAwsomeness13 said:

March 11th, 8:17 pm

I don’t really have anything to say that hasn’t already been said. I bought this game with expecting the English version. It was NOT clearly marked and had the the American cover and title. I understand that there were reasons it was released this way after reading the comments however that still doesn’t change that it’s false advertising. The title and artwork should have clearly reflected this. This is was my very first PSN purchase and my birthday gift. I have been waiting months to get this dose of nostalgia and now I feel cheated.

Xanthus179 said:

March 14th, 5:57 pm

Yep, I feel stupid for having purchased this game now. Granted, I had no clue that I should check the internet first to find out that I shouldn’t have purchased it. It definitely should have been more clear that this was Japanese only, instead of one sentence after a wall of text describing the game. I would have continued to wait forever for a proper US release, but now I’m stuck with a game that is pretty much unplayable. I can’t imagine going back and forth between the game and a walk through to understand what is going on.

gay_servbot said:

March 15th, 3:46 pm

I have to say, I am extremely upset that you think a guide can fix this. I downloaded the game on the day of it’s release, and Nowhere did it state that this was an import version. And I did notice that you changed the product description to mention this fact, but it’s too late! I’ve already wasted my money. I have a PS1 copy of Tomba 2, and I thought it would be nice to have a digital copy too. But for the initial PSN release to not even mention that this is an import is unacceptable. If you are not going to fix this and put up an english version, then I want my money back.

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