The Last of Us Part II Arrives on February 21 May 29, 2020

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The Last of Us Part II Arrives on February 21 May 29, 2020

Watch the new trailer, just debuted during State of Play.

Thank you for being patient with us. Very patient. Even though we’ve been eager to share more about and tell you its release date, we wanted to wait until we were close to wrapping up production and we were confident in the date itself. We have a bunch of new stuff to share with you today… starting with the fact that on February 21 May 29, 2020 the Last of Us Part II can finally be in your hands.

We began working on this game over five years ago. It’s hard to describe the immense pressure of following up the first game. We know how much you love this world and its characters — especially Ellie and Joel. Believe me, we’re fans as well. We love them. Which is why we spent years crafting a game that we feel will do them justice, telling a nuanced story that deals with the core question: how far would you go to exact justice against the people that hurt the ones you love? It’s a highly emotional story with complex themes that befit the world of The Last of Us. What we realized pretty early on is that we were putting together Naughty Dog’s most ambitious and longest game in our 35 year history. To tell this kind of story the game needed to be massive. Without spoiling too much, at the top of this post you can watch the brand-new trailer that we debuted earlier today on State of Play, which just scratches the surface of what the game has in store.

Alongside the trailer, we’re thrilled to reveal the various editions of the game, including The Last of Us Part II Standard Edition ($59.99 USD MSRP/ $79.99 CAD MSRP), Special Edition ($79.99 USD MSRP/ $99.99 CAD MSRP), Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Ellie Edition. In collaboration with PlayStation, we worked hard to make sure these versions would be truly special by including content and items drawn from the game and its characters.

Let’s kick things off with the Collector’s Edition ($169.99 USD MSRP/ $219.99 CAD MSRP), which includes a beautifully crafted 12” Ellie statue, a life-sized replica of Ellie’s bracelet, a custom SteelBook case, 48-page mini art book from Dark Horse, a set of six enamel pins, lithograph art print, and a set of five stickers. The Collector’s Edition also comes with a voucher for digital content, including a PS4 dynamic theme, a set of six PSN avatars, a digital soundtrack, and a digital version of the mini art book.

The Ellie Edition ($229.99 USD MSRP/ $299.99 CAD MSRP) gives you all of the contents of the Collector’s Edition, plus a full-sized, fully functional recreation of Ellie’s backpack, an embroidered patch, and a 7” vinyl record featuring music from the original soundtrack. We’ll also have a Special Edition version that features the custom SteelBook case and all of the digital content found in the Ellie Edition and Collector’s Edition.

For those that prefer to go digital, we have the Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99 USD MSRP/ $89.99 CAD MSRP), which includes all of the digital content outlined above, as well as a digital copy of the Standard Edition. If you pre-order either of these versions on PlayStation Store, you’ll instantly receive a The Last of Us Part II PSN avatar featuring Ellie’s tattoo. Additionally, if you pre-order any edition of the game, you’ll also receive two in-game unlocks at launch:

  • Ammo Capacity Upgrade: Instantly unlock an ammo capacity upgrade for Ellie’s pistol.
  • Crafting Training Manual: Instantly unlock the Crafting Training Manual, which provides access to new crafting recipes and upgrades.

Hold on. We’re not done. Today, journalists from all over the world are going hands-on with two new levels at a press event in Los Angeles–playing roughly three hours of the game! Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long to see and hear more about it. Their impressions and videos will be going live this Thursday, September 26 around 8:00am PT, or, as many fans of The Last of Us know it: Outbreak Day.

Inspired by the day the cordyceps fungus reached critical mass, every September 26 we celebrate The Last of Us community and we’ve got some exciting things planned! Be sure to check back here and follow Naughty Dog on , , and for all the latest.

You are now months away from playing The Last of Us Part II. Your love for our games inspires and fuels us as we work hard and deliver an experience worthy of our fans. We are extremely proud of the game we’re crafting and cannot wait to share it with y’all.

Until then, endure and survive!


Update: The Last of Us Part II has an updated release date of May 29, 2020.

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  • Spectre_StatusN7


  • Looking good!

  • Mercenary09

    GOTY 2020. Can’t wait!

  • boomer_jmoore

    Where do we go to Preorder??


    how do I preorder the physical versions?

    • Hola a todos espero que tengan un bonito día! La verdad no se mucho sobre como hay que pedir estas versiones de coleccionista, alguien me podría decir como se compra o en donde se compra?

    • touchiestmoon6

      Gamestop. Amazon. Bestbuy if u are in US. Ellie edition US only

  • Is PSX happening this year? Was hoping for news on that today :( gonna be harder to request days off work the later the announcement gets.

  • BlazingHalo

    Awesome trailer guys !!! When can we pre order ?

  • Woo!

  • hey_thisisandrew

    Will this post be updated with pictures of The Collector’s Editions?

  • Would also love to know when and where to Pre-order! Extremely excited

  • akuma666kaze

    Hey Playstation please put Chulip on sale ive been waiting for so long.

  • SuperSaiyan3985

    WhEn CaN i PrE-oRdEr?!

  • Rated-R-WWE

    Simply amazing, I am so excited!! :)

  • YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! When can we pre-order?

  • Idigcrzychicks

    When can we preorder?

  • screwdestiny

    Speaking of Outbreak Day…

    Do you think you could please release an update of the Outbreak Day theme that has the updated, non-blue folders? It’s my favorite theme, I’ve been running it for years.

  • I can’t wait! This is a Day One Buy!

  • Made my day!!!! Can’t wait for the pre-order!!!

  • Traveler_exe

    Anyone else just submit a time-off application to their jobs? lol
    I can’t wait for release!

    Any word on when digital pre-orders will be available on the PSN Store?

  • Bikerchick03

    Looks amazing! I can’t wait!!! Way to go Naughty Dog!

  • NintendoTim

    So, uhh…that Collector’s Edition: is it exclusive to a specific retailer?

    Best Buy’s the only site with pre-orders up, and the only one not showing up is the Collector’s Edition (and all y’all already snagged all the Ellie Editions).

    • NintendoTim

      [update] OH, COME ON!

      I’ve been spamming refresh, and the moment it shows up, it’s sold out?!

    • It’s also on Best Buy. It seems some people were able to find it and pre-order it. I just refreshed and it says sold out.

    • Austin_William_V

      The Ellie editions were sold out everywhere instantly. I was able to get my hands on just a Collector’s Edition pre order from GameStop. Damn, people were fast.

  • Crazy_Virus

    but where am the pre-order links dood?

  • How much for the Ellie Edition and the Collector’s? Looks real expensive…

  • Looks like the CE and Ellie edition already sold out. I never even had a chance….

  • The Ebay resellers are having a orgasm right now.

  • rudy0health

    Rated 18 but marketed at 10 year olds… just the game thanks.✌

  • This should be a well produced addition to the greatness of what Naughty Dog assembles.

  • lalardTCD79

    Will the Ellie edition be available in France?
    Please please please

  • great….im gonna cry at the ending of this game no matter what…

  • TheMarkopoloShow

    Will the Ellie Edition be available for the EU? It’s not listed on the EU blog! :(


    I can wait to pre order it ☺️

  • matheus_aguiars

    Thanks naughty dog for everything, this is by far the game i am most excited about. Cant wait to pre order it

  • Best Buy store in the US is up to something shady. I had The Last of Us 2: Ellie Edition in my cart and Best Buy removed it. Yet meanwhile, there’s dozens of them already on sale on Ebay for $500.00. This is rediculous! How come PAYING PlayStation customers get shafted? PSN members should have gotten prior notice! Now all the scalpers and people who could care less about video games are at it again!

    • SidNightwalker

      Here’s a tip:Best Buy sucks. Also, there’s a lot of liars on eBay.

  • I remember downloading TLOU on the crappy PS3 download app on Day 1 so excited. I literally just stared and watched as it would crash over and over again for hours. Now I’m so excited for the 2nd.

  • I suppose that Special Edition include digital soundtrack. But is it true?

    • Strangeheaven

      The Digital Deluxe Edition includes both the soundtrack and mini art book.

  • SidNightwalker

    It was nice to hear something, anything, with real substance coming out of that abysmal little roundup of yours. Good work.

  • I really hope that bracelet is durable and lasts more than a few days wearing it.

  • Tarheel_Mark

    Shut up and take my money dot gif

  • Just pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition on my PlayStation 4 but don’t see the dynamic theme or avatars. I do have the Ellie Tattoo avatar but that’s it. Is the dynamic theme and 6 avatars coming at a later date?

    • Mercenary09

      Yes they said right in the post that you would get the tattoo avatar now and the rest at launch. That’s how these things usually work.

  • Big pass. They can keep this game.

  • Thanks, Neil. I’m sure all the time we waited will worth it.

    Love The Last of Us.

    Love Naughty Dog.

    Love PlayStation.

  • JayBizzle311

    Oh yeah!!! February 21st 2020!!! Here we go!! I got the Collector’s Edition pre-ordered at my local Gamestop… Put down the minimum $50!! So stoked!!

  • hoomanirani

    How can we Pre-order the Collector edition or Ellie Edition? it seems like that they were sold out!
    if it’s true marketing has been horrible so far

  • SilverWolf1268

    Really boring cover art. You can do better to portray the themes of the game than just an angry Ellie face.

    • Strangeheaven

      I don’t like the cover art either. It however states the cover art is not final and subject to change. I hope they change it.

  • One day after my birthday! Really hope it doesn’t get delayed, it’d be the perfect present.

    • Can’t imagine it being delayed, Neil kinda mentions that in the post. If you remember, part 1 got delayed which is probably why they waited longer to announce a release date for part 2 so that they’re confident that the release date won’t be delayed.

  • Very exciting! It’s evident that a wild amount of hard work, passion, and dedication is going into this work of art. While this really is a consistent thing with ND, it definitely is something that shouldn’t go unappreciated each time it happens. Really excited to play it next year!

  • Where can we pre-order the Collector’s Edition?

  • BlaqMagiq24

    Another MASTERPIECE on the way!

  • I haven’t played TLOU yet, it’s gonna release next part. Looks great! Waiting for it!


    I’m so excited!! That Joel reveal gave me goosebumps

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