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Feb 26

Feb 26

The PlayStation Recap

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

Ugh. I feel like crap. I’ve been locked in a grueling battle with sinusitis and I think I’m losing. On the bright side, being sick gives me a good excuse to stay out of the cold and catch up on some new PS3 releases. I’m several chapters into Bulletstorm — a rollicking good time so far — and I’m creeping ever closer to the end of Killzone 3‘s epic single-player campaign (using PlayStation Move, no less).

In other news, we’re just days from the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Jeff, Rey and I will be on-hand to report on any breaking industry news, share hands-on gameplay details, shoot videos, and generally give you an inside look at this year’s latest-and-greatest. Any special requests? Oh, and if you’re in the San Francisco area, you’re joining us for Monday’s community meetup — right?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Career Progression – Engineer — See how the Engineer can turn the tide of battle in Killzone 3’s deep multiplayer mode. What’s your favorite class?
  • ModNation Monday: Happy Presidents’ Day! — Free DLC incoming next week and a cool dinosaur-themed track.
  • Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is the Worst Game Ever, hits PSN Tuesday — A clever marketing strategy on display here — the game looks decidedly un-bad.
  • PULSE 2/22 Edition Featuring: Killzone 3 & Nominees for the Gamers’ Choice Awards — Christina Lee gives you the latest and greatest in the world of PlayStation.
  • The Fight: Lights Out Delivers a One-Two Punch of DLC Today — Squat-thrusts with Danny Trejo? Dude, count me in.
  • PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards 2011 – Voting Opens Today! — Remember: To vote, you’ll need to download the special PS3 theme on PSN. Read on for full instructions!
  • Yakuza 4 Demo Goes Live on PSN Today — You can try out all four characters and get a taste of weapon combat in this anticipated demo.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Alien Breed 3: Descent, Days of Thunder: NASCAR edition, Space Ace, MLB 11 The Show demo, Dragon Age 2 demo, and new discounts for PlayStation Plus.
  • Bulletstorm: Play Like a Pro in Echoes — Gather ’round, kids, as Developer People Can Fly teaches us how to kill with skill.
  • PlayStation Inside the 2011 Official NBA Players Lounge — If you’re a sucker for custom-designed PS3s, this is one post to read.
  • Final NASA Shuttle Launch is First Live-Streaming Event in PlayStation Home + Weekly Update — Historic for all sorts of reasons. Did you watch the Discovery takeoff live in Home? How was your experience?
  • Digital Comics Store Update — New titles include Neverland, Grimm Fairy Tales, and The Waking.
  • MLB 11 The Show Co-op Mode Detailed: Demo Available Now! — Lots of cooperative play options this year. Have you checked out the new PSN demo?
  • Community Meetup: Play PixelJunk Shooter 2 and Patapon 3 This Monday in San Francisco — Fun and games in San Francisco! Special note: This is a 21-and-up community event.
  • Declassified: SOCOM 4’s Online Co-Op — SOCOM 4’s five-player online co-op with customizable campaigns gives you control over enemy density, difficulty and more.
  • Patapon 3 Hits April 12th for $19.99 on UMD and PSN — A wallet-friendly price for the third chapter of this adorable rhythm battle game.
  • World Premiere Alert: inFAMOUS 2, SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 DLC reveals on GTTV tonight! — GTTV unveils the new Karma Trailer, while Geoff “World Exclusive” Keighley uncovers covert missions in SOCOM 4.
  • inFAMOUS 2: New KARMA Trailer and GameTrailers TV Invades Sucker Punch — Peep never-before-seen missions and see how Cole, Kuo and Nix use their powers together.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Due Date, Megamind, and a chance to catch up on Oscar hopefuls before Sunday’s big night.
  • PSP Now Available for $129.99; New Additions to Greatest Hits and Favorites Collections — In addition, you’ll only pay $20 for games like Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines, LittleBigPlanet, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.
  • New PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Available Now — UNCHARTED 2: Game of the Year Edition, God of War III, Heavy Rain and more are now just $29.99.
  • SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition and Covert Missions Revealed — This overstuffed bundle has everything you need: PlayStation Move and navigation controller, sharp shooter, Eye camera, and game.
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse: “Wreckreation” Video Diary 2, Demo Date Imminent — Evolution Studios is preparing to announce a demo date for MotorStorm Apocalypse soon — stay tuned!
  • MLB 11 The Show: Road to The Show Returns With New Player Performance Evaluator — Baseball sim fans should get a load of these new features.
  • Uncharted 3 banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • UNCHARTED 2 playlist update and “The Lab” — RPG – 7s Only and and update to the “All Competitive Modes” playlist.
  • Naughty Dog @ GDC 2011 — Although we’re not hitting GDC full force like we did last year, there are a few sessions you should consider if you’re attending.
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 31 — Designers Christian Sadak and Blaine Higdon stop by to chat about our newly-announced SOCOM goodness.
  • Patch Alert: MAG v2.11 — Naturally, there’s more to our patch then just faction neutrality. We’ve also given our in-game economy a boost with smarter incentives and a better relationship with our XP system.
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    Kchow23 said:

    February 26th, 1:06 pm

    wow a remake of Plants vs Zombie.. awesome

    Kirkpad said:

    February 26th, 1:09 pm

    Aw man, I just realized. Wasn’t there a bunch of stuff supposed to come out this month? ie. Slam Bolt Scrappers and Sideway

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:11 pm

      No final word yet on Slambolt’s release but I’m sure they’ll be sharing more soon. And Sideway is a good reminder, we should check in with those guys. Thanks!

    Sonicfan11589 said:

    February 26th, 1:16 pm

    I doubt this will be answered, any word when Parasite EVE 1 will come to the US PSN as it has already been rated by ESRB. Also any word on more Square PS1 classics coming with in the next few weeks?

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:11 pm

      I honestly don’t know. Try hitting up @SquareEnixSonia on Twitter?

    Butters360 said:

    February 26th, 1:17 pm

    Hope you start feeling better Sid :) The PlayStation Blog was on rapid fire this week. TONS of exciting news. The GTTV episode had me floored with inFamous 2, Naughty Dog better watch out!

    I’m playing: Back to the Future Episode 1: It’s about time, Stacking, and slowly grinding out my huge backlog og games.

    I’m watching: Hopefully episode 16 of Nikita whenever it gets added to the video store

    I’m reading: This here recap, various Batman: Arkham City previews.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:12 pm

      Thanks! I’m doped up on all kinds of meds. The trouble seems to be focused in my sinuses now, so I’m hoping it passes before GDC really kicks into gear this week :)

    Demonic_Clown said:

    February 26th, 1:17 pm

    Enough about PvZ, its not the best game ever, kinda boring actually.

    And put the word into MM about Twisted Metal DLC for LBP2, it needs to happen or Sweet Tooth will more than likely remove your face.

    Kchow23 said:

    February 26th, 1:20 pm

    @5 It isn’t, but cool that it can be made pretty close to the orginal in LBP2

    Sonicfan11589 said:

    February 26th, 1:20 pm

    I’m playing Parasite EVE 1 (In anticipation of playing it on my PSP)as well as Xenogears

    I’m reading The Parasite EVE novel that started the series.

    I’m watching my Simpsons DVD’s as I play Xenogears.

    stabbinsteve said:

    February 26th, 1:26 pm

    when are we getting dungeon hunter:alliance?

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:12 pm

      Good idea, we’ll check in with those folks.

    KazeEternal said:

    February 26th, 1:30 pm

    Hey you’re playing the same stuff as me O.O

    @PS Blog
    Couple of things:
    1) PSP GO Price Reduction? I own the other 3 models and I’m considering making the switch to the GO thanks to the NGP/PSP2 using PSP downloads+physical media for its games (win for me that I get both physical and digital).

    2) PS3 Revision. Word has it that a hack proof PS3 is coming. Is it possible to add a revision to add at least one USB port to the back. I’m kind of sick of my PSEye getting in the way of my rock band instruments and having this ugly cable hanging off my PS3 when not in use.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:13 pm

      Hah! What do you think of Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm? As for the other two points, I don’t have any info — we don’t comment on rumors anyway.

    spideyal said:

    February 26th, 1:34 pm

    I’d send you some Buckley’s if I could, Sid! If there was one medicine I’ve ever used that always worked, it’d be Buckley’s. Get well soon, bro.

    I’m playing: Killzone 3, Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Mass Effect 2.
    I’m watching: Flight of the Conchords and anything on Discovery or History channels.
    I’m reading: Nothing. -1 Intelligence

    I also plan on checking out that PvZombots level in LBP2. I already Queued it on LPB.me for whenever my sister gets done with borrowing my LBP2.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:13 pm

      Maybe some Halls would help…

    eaglefan129 said:

    February 26th, 1:38 pm

    I would like to know more about Twisted Metal and maybe a new trailer for Uncharted 3?

    adtr1134 said:

    February 26th, 1:56 pm

    Any Uncharted 3 and inFAMOUS 2

    lyfestory said:

    February 26th, 2:01 pm

    would love to hear some news on things we don’t already know about…

    as for playing, finally finished the story of GTA4 and onto the DLC of it..

    watching a preview of Camelot, on the Starz network, set to debut on April 1st.. seems good so far…

    PharmBoY044 said:

    February 26th, 2:12 pm

    Hey Sid,

    Another great week of news. I can’t wait for inFAMOUS 2.
    Regarding GDC, I understand there is a session concerning the NGP. If you can, could you guys update us with any new details regarding the NGP?

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:13 pm

      I’ll look into that — thanks!

    rabidninjamonky said:

    February 26th, 2:18 pm

    congrats on finishing gta4. I quit on the final mission after crashing the chopper in the water about 100 times lol. Really hated that mission. i was downloaded explodemon cuz it was kinda a bad week on psn for me, and the game is way underated. more people should give it a shot.

    Gump_ said:

    February 26th, 2:22 pm

    It will be a beautiful day when The PlayStation Recap has cross-game/private/XMB chat listed in the recap….will it ever happen, sony?

    VofEscaflowne said:

    February 26th, 2:32 pm

    I saw that Plants vs Zombies level in LBP… insane what people can do with that creator. Although I must admit that seeing remakes is a tad annoying. With how impressive the create mode is at replicating all these games, people should instead use their talents to come up with their own ideas more often.

    As for the rest…

    I’m playing: Dragon Quest VI… sorry, that’s it. I haven’t touched my PS3 in a few days! :(

    I’m watching: Nothing

    I’m reading: Nothing

    /boring person

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:14 pm

      I look at it more like an homage to something they love, and the challenge is trying to recreate it perfectly — which they never can. But yeah, we’re all about original levels!

    digitalman123 said:

    February 26th, 2:53 pm

    Infamous 2 info was jaw-dropping! But Cole is beginning to sound like Russell from the CBS show Survivor. Hmm.
    Will we know the real name of the shocky-stick Cole carries soon? The “Amp” doesn’t really sound right.

    I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum (towards the 40-hit trophy as of now, but replaying on Hard soon.)
    I’m reading: The Worst of Times
    I’m watching: The inFAMOUS 2 new Karma trailer, Survivor: Redemption Island

    Gogo_ZvC said:

    February 26th, 3:03 pm

    I’m Playing: Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC), Gran Turismo 5
    I’m Reading: Various Internet Articles
    I’m Watching: Fringe, The Office, My PS3 system space slowly deteriorate (300Mb left!)

    Instead of doing homework tonight, I shall be with my friends having some MvC3 fun. The productivity levels can’t get any higher hehe

    perrandy said:

    February 26th, 3:20 pm

    currently playing: y’s 7
    watching: gundam and other anime
    reading: again this blog

    word has it that the ps3’s browser is going to get a lift up in a couple of months?anyways,take care there sid!

    re5freak777 said:

    February 26th, 4:10 pm

    I’m playing: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
    I’m watching: Nothing
    I’m reading:…Nothing
    Yeah I’m boring, by the way any news on prologus?

    Akibara12 said:

    February 26th, 4:17 pm

    Sid! I’m disappointed in you about the last recap I commented on :(
    Put back Dead Space 2 on your playlist and beat hardcore mode! :P

    What I’m playing: Killzone 3 (elite mode) and Dead Space 2 (Hard Core mode)

    cortesc130 said:

    February 26th, 4:18 pm

    Any updates on new features for the PSN ?

    IGLOO05 said:

    February 26th, 4:53 pm

    Hi Sid, hope you get well soon!

    I was looking through the “PS3 2011 Preview: 20 Exclusive Games” article for a little project I’m working on and read you were going to update the list to add some more exclusives.(Disgaea 4 & Final Fantasy Versus XIII for example)

    Just wondering if you were going to update it…:)

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:15 pm

      I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks :) We’re only putting games on there we can confirm, and I’ve missed one or two that just came out. I guess a refresh is in order, eh?

    digitalman123 said:

    February 26th, 4:53 pm

    @19: Any chance I can get a slice of that MvC3 fun? Add me or invite me later and I’ll show you my mad skillz!

    digitalman123 said:

    February 26th, 4:56 pm

    @Sid: Sorry ’bout your sickness! Hope ya feel better soon! I was just recently sick, but when you’ve got a PS3 just sitting there, it’s hard to feel terrible! ;) I mean I still felt bad, but the PS3 helped!

    ccdp_06 said:

    February 26th, 4:59 pm

    @Sid: I was just wondering if Dissidia Duodecim Prologus will come to NA PSN.. I just added funds into my account hoping the demo will come..

    anyways THANKS! :P & Get well soon!!

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:16 pm

      I don’t know this for a fact but I suspect it is, based on the number of SE titles coming out on PSN lately (Tactics Ogre being one of several). But Square Enix ultimately makes the decision, maybe check in with @SquareEnixSonia on Twitter?

    Mercenary09 said:

    February 26th, 5:23 pm

    Hey Sid, any news on that Team Ico collection soon? Really looking forward to it!

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      February 26th, 11:17 pm

      Nothing new to report.

    KILLZONE79 said:

    February 26th, 5:33 pm

    wow mag update 2.11 geeze i reaaly need to get back into mag lol
    ive been too busy lately with blackops and modern warfare 2 now killzone 3 took up my time.

    Gogo_ZvC said:

    February 26th, 5:55 pm

    Haha yeah sure, but you’d probably kick all our asses :P
    I just started getting into fighting games, don’t have an arcade stick controller or anything. I’m still in emotional pain when I went online the other day aha.

    Butters360 said:

    February 26th, 6:25 pm

    Will you guys be asking us readers what we want in the blog redesign/android app?

    Monkey0111 said:

    February 26th, 6:29 pm

    Does anyone from Sony know when Beyond Good and Evil HD releases on PSN? It’s coming out on the 1st on 360.

    Lathos said:

    February 26th, 10:16 pm

    hope u feel better man i know everyone hates ff14 but i still want it can u pull some strings and maybe kidnap yoshi p and make him release it now???i’ll settle for news on the blog

    erick_34 said:

    February 26th, 10:22 pm

    The ISA is Here !!!

    Im playing: Killzone 3 with Sharp Shooter, Modern Warfare 2 and maybe Resistance 2

    Im watching: Televition

    Im Reading: different pages that talk about inFamous 2,Killzone 3,Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3

    beastbarbour said:

    February 26th, 10:57 pm

    Hey sid, i already beat killzone 3 with the move! on hard now working on elite witht he move ugh wish me luck haha also working on bulletstrom on very hard and let me say still on chapter 3 ugh but love my killzone 3 helgast edition!

    df2506 said:

    February 26th, 11:11 pm

    I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3) and Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1).

    I’m watching: Scrubs (on Netflix) and maybe the Oscars tonight.

    I’m reading: The extras in Marvels by Kurt Busiek. Soon the Tick Vol. 2.

    It was an ok week for the PS3. I liked the Lego Star Wars 3 demo and I thought the Dragon Age 2 demo was ok. I wonder whats in store for us this coming week? Hmmm.

    Ibn_Elmeedan said:

    February 26th, 11:40 pm

    Sinusitis? Is that a fancy term for Sinus Infection? I used to get a ton of those because they were triggered by my allergies. I hope you feel better :/

    KGH said:

    February 27th, 12:07 am

    Sinusitis is pretty much chronic sinus infection. I have it, and I’ve been utterly miserable, until i recently finally found a cure, agressive aroma therapy. Sid, make sure you DO NOT use a neti pot to flush out the mucus, as it will actually spread the infection. Learned that the hard way….

    XxBiScUiT-911xX said:

    February 27th, 12:37 am

    Black ops map packs-Thursday

    Mattsta001 said:

    February 27th, 1:42 am

    Killzone 3 was awful. Looked great in places but terrible, dumb story, cringe worthy dialogue, hammy acting and a disappointing wtf ending. For what was supposed to be a AAA game by a top developer it was garbage.

    madtyger said:

    February 27th, 2:00 am

    I am truly amazed and dumbfounded at what is created in LittleBigPlanet 2. Is there nothing that cannot be created in this game?

    Gamerfanatic said:

    February 27th, 3:20 am

    Hows Bulletstorm Sid? Anything that makes it stand out among other shooters? Also, if its possible please note of any NGP (Next Generation Portable) information if it is released. Much apprciated!


    Maestro-GTUnit said:

    February 27th, 5:58 am

    Guys, you need to check out this awesome review of Killzone 3:


    omega_alpha-619 said:

    February 27th, 6:16 am

    Looking forward to seeing some actual gameplay footage/trailers for upcoming title “Dead Island” ^.^

    timmy19888 said:

    February 27th, 8:39 am

    im playing days of thunder. awsome game. worth $10. races get harder which is a plus and longer. right now im grinding out the requirements for the sponsors. cant wait to see whats new this coming tuesday.

    twistedfloyd said:

    February 27th, 9:06 am

    Playing: Bioshock 2, LBP2, Sly Collection (Sly 2), MNR, Twisted Metal: Black, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Spyro The Dragon, Mario Galaxy
    Watching: Exit Through The Gift Shop
    Reading: Nothing at the moment.

    Sid, if you track down David Jaffe at GDC, corner him and have him spill on some Twisted Metal info. Need an update on that game. So pumped for it, just craving info.

    Also, it’d be nice to get some info on Uncharted 3, inFamous 2, Resistance 3 and if Kojima’s there, whatever he’s up to.

    You guys are doing an awesome job on the blog, keep it up. Friday made my mind explode.

    ccdp_06 said:

    February 27th, 9:18 am

    Thanks for the reply Sid!

    python1210 said:

    February 27th, 3:01 pm

    Intresting week.

    Playing: KILLZONE 3! Beat the story the other night and Im enjoying the online.
    Watching: Whatever is on tv.
    Reading: Whatever news is on the internet

    zacljessee said:

    February 27th, 3:29 pm

    Rented Bulletstorm Tuesday afternoon, beat it Tuesday night. Tryin’ 2find a copy of Knights Contract, but no1 has it except online. Has any1 played it? It looks like Devil May Cry kinda game. Bout’ 2watch last Saw movie. Fight Night: Champion and Rango come out Tuesday. Right now need 2 trophy 2 platinum Heavy Rain. I am ticked cuz’ they talked bout’ all dis dlc 4 Heavy Rain be4 it came out and they only released 1 thang still and it doesn’t even have trophies! I also hope they bring Parasite Eve 1 and 2 also they should release 3rd Birthday for us on PS3 and PSP especially cuz’ it started on Playstation 1 game console. I don’t have a psp and I want 2be able 2play it on eitha psn or disc. Have a good week every1 and God bless!

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