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Jun 25

Jun 25

Pre-Order LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, Get Knights and BioShock Costumes

Simon Rosenkotter's Avatar Posted by Community Coordinator, Tarsier Studios

Starting today, LittleBigPlanet fans will be able to pre-order the upcoming PS Vita installment of the game, and those who do will get themselves a snazzy set of bonus costumes as a big thank you! The bonus costumes include the iconic Big Daddy and Little Sister from BioShock, as well as new Knights of Old costumes to dress up your Sackboy or Sackgirl as a knight, damsel in distress, black knight, or a fearsome dragon. The details of this offer will vary depending on which country you live in or where you pre-order from, but here are some pictures of the costumes to whet your appetite.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Best of E3LittleBigPlanet Vita Pre-Order Bonus Costumes

Pretty cool, right? What’s especially neat is that the particular colors of these pre-order Knights of Old costumes will remain exclusive forever!

In other news, as you might have heard E3 took place last week in sunny Los Angeles. We had a great time showing off LittleBigPlanet PS Vita to everyone who came by and got an amazing response. Here’s what a few media outlets had to say.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Best of E3LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Best of E3LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Best of E3LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Best of E3

Editor’s Choice – Polygon (winner)
Best Vita Game – IGN (nomination)
Best Platforming Game – IGN (nomination)
Best Sony Exclusive – Digital Trends (nomination)
Best Handheld Game – Digital Trends (nomination)
Best Portable Game – Destructoid (nomination)

Polygon said: “Creating is just… more fun than it has been, effectively turning fingerpainting into a method of drawing tangible platforms and objects in the environment.”

IGN was really impressed by the Memoriser, which is just one of the many new features of the game: “[LittleBigPlanet PS Vita] could be the gateway to infinite PlayStation Vita games. It’ll create an App Store for the Vita where all the games are free and can be uploaded and downloaded via 3G.”

At the top of this page, you can check out the new trailer for the game we showed off at E3. You can also watch our live demo with the PlayStation.Blog team here. Finally, here’s a video of a demo we gave the Los Angeles Times at the convention.

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WashThyBurn said:

June 25th, 12:47 pm

Seriously, the only reason I bought a psvita was for LittleBigPlanet. I need a freaking release date, or at least update LittleBigPlanet 2 so I can play it with my vita until this game comes out. You’ve really tried my patience enough…

WashThyBurn said:

June 25th, 12:50 pm

So we should stop hauling out pre-order bonuses and get a release date yes?

Budapesti said:

June 25th, 1:28 pm

I honestly didn’t think I could be looking forward to this game any more than I already am… but those Bioshock costumes are things of wonder.
Really loving the beta, and my best memory of E3 was getting to chat with one of you guys (from Tarsier I think….) at the Sony booth about a shared love of LittleBigPlanet.
This news is a great start to the week. Now, about that release date….!


June 25th, 1:31 pm

@ 53 Budapesti

When I was referring to my buddy I was referring to you!!!


Self Magazine CEO and Founder

Budapesti said:

June 25th, 1:32 pm

@DZORMAGEN Ha! LBP and Bioshock, two great tastes that go… oh, you know the rest!

Elvick_ said:

June 25th, 2:01 pm

These both better be available in Canada… especially the exclusive colors of the one. If I miss out because of lack of availability, I’ll be unhappy. Very much so. doesn’t even have the game listed. So please get on that.

chowder_07 said:

June 25th, 2:02 pm

I dont care about the pre-order bonus all I care is when will it gonna be released and Im pretty sure that it will not come tomorrow. :(

Carl-G said:

June 25th, 2:25 pm

Sack-boy is soooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!;)

chowder_07 said:

June 25th, 2:26 pm


ururler said:

June 25th, 2:32 pm

:I *Clicks on post* .. :) :D !! :D :D !!!! -Thank you Simon & all the folks at Tarsier Studios for deciding to go with the Little Sister from Bio 2 instead of the one from Bio1! It’s so much more suiting to everything LBP is about then if you were to have the more classic but a lot less cute, and a lot more gremlin like Little Sis from Bio 1. Now I know I have to preorder because the only way I want to go through the game is with them costumes (by game Im meaning main quest). Thank you Im very pleased :)

chowder_07 said:

June 25th, 2:42 pm

I really don’t know why aren’t they releasing LBP yet.I mean they’re good to go,the game is perfect,the graphics looks good and I haven’t heard any complains about LBP being a bad game

xBuTcHeRx said:

June 25th, 2:43 pm

I will pre-order but NOT until we get a concrete date, thanks you guys at Tarsier Studio for this! :D

MaNTsiK said:

June 25th, 3:58 pm

Just let us know whether the release date of Little Big Planet that the site of Playstation in UK gives,( is entirely true or not!

FORMIK said:

June 25th, 4:27 pm

Ugh – I hate pre-order bonuses! Please tell me when this content will be available for sale, so I can consider it then. At least this is third-party content, which might warrant an additional cost.

Seeing as how the game is still in beta mode, I hope the physical version of the game hasn’t “gone gold” yet so neither version will receive an update upon release.

That being said, the game looks great, and I look forward to hearing more about the interaction with LittleBigPlanet 2!

    Simon Rosenkotter's Avatar

    Simon Rosenkotter said:

    June 26th, 12:23 am

    The Knights of Old colour scheme will be exclusive to the pre-order forever, but both packs will become available on the PS store next year. A very long time after the release of the game!

C004t said:

June 25th, 4:36 pm

Well, with lbp, the longer the wait is, the better the game! No offense to the guys who made lbp1 and 2. But this “costume” team is doing better than the original developers did. I pre-ordered this game BEFORE the vita was even out, and I was SO happy that lbp was coming to ps vita. Sure im kinda mad that they pushed it back a little (this was supposed to be a launch game XD) but with the new trailer, I’ll forgive them of they’re lateness. Great job guys :) (ps. A release date would be nice……Just sayin)

SGTPretenderp said:

June 25th, 4:39 pm

So for those of us who have absolutely no interest in purchasing a physical copy, and would be more than happy to pre-order the digital copy on PSN, when will we be able to do so to receive said bonuses?

ReptileHand said:

June 25th, 4:45 pm

Not interested. Remember when you said that the people who own the LBP2 collector’s edition will get two exclusive costumes for owning it? Jak and Daxter right? Yeah I felt so exclusive and awesome having those. Until you released them. Now with the Clu costume out the Collector’s edition doesn’t feel very special anymore since none of the costumes are exclusive. The avatars were great… except everyone has them since a lot of people bought it, including myself. I really hope that these people get to keep the costume’s color different from the same DLC that will follow.

But I’ve kind of grown out of LBP. The vita looks promising and I’m glad I didn’t pick one up because apparently I have no wi-fi in my house. That would explain why my sister traded in her PSP…… I’ll make sure to fix that before I pick up the VIta, hopefully this Black Friday.

Hope it turns out to be a really good game because if the reviews say so, I might pick it up =)

Imputed7-14 said:

June 25th, 4:51 pm

Truly, the costumes look great. Glad to hear that if you get them they work in LBP2 as well. I do not own a Vita yet, and will not until this game comes out, but everything that I have seen looks great. Between this and LBP2 cross-play I enjoying the LBP love. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the release date news and to throw my hat into the ring I will be buying this digitally.


chowder_07 said:

June 25th, 5:32 pm

If only they’ll release it tomorrow or on 27 I’m thinking that “The Amazing Spiderman” would make a great DLC. :)

XGAM3R_GUY_7X said:

June 25th, 6:08 pm

where do you pre order to get the bioshock costume in the us?

Akmal_Vita said:

June 25th, 6:21 pm

i hope this game come out in july, there is no vita game in july.

chowder_07 said:

June 25th, 6:29 pm

@70 yeah and they should,my vita has dusts on it and loading apps takes minutes to load because I didn’t open it for like a week.I’m really bored right now I need a game.

Kchow23 said:

June 25th, 9:51 pm

It would be genius to allow us to pre-order games on PSN such as this one… the week that it is announced and receive the bonuses as well..

DarkOne_PR said:

June 25th, 11:33 pm

Love it! and will pre order! Still i need to say this again…. THE NAME ITS TOO GENERIC!!!!
B!tch Pls….

LBP Sackboy’s Journey
LBP Puppeteer’s revenge
LBP Trip to the cursed festival
LBP Around the World
LBP Something Else than the generic LBP PS vita….

dont make the same mistakes as PS all star battle royal!

redknight4 said:

June 25th, 11:47 pm

I liked the beta for lbp vita it was pretty fun just hope that I could connect to the vita version from lbp2 so I could buld the layouts for levels easier in vita. especially with that lbp2 dlc pack that allows vita cross play.

space manipulation was the only prob I had with vita.

I would like it even more with a ce.

I would love it if the slurpee pack would relase on the psn store it would get a lot of account sharers (aka game sharers (their little euphemism for software piracy) to stop begging ppl for it to a point.

xSHENKAx said:

June 26th, 1:18 am

Little Big Planet is an amazing game! I was AMAZED by the artistic design of the game, the amazing community levels, and map creator. I have only had a PS3 for a month, and a VITA since NA release. Ever since then I have been playing LBP on my PS3, and waiting anxiously for it come out on the VITA! This is going to be an amazing game!

LIZZ1ER0SE said:

June 26th, 1:40 am

So can I conclude that you expect us to pre-order this (fine) game without knowing these following information: how much it will cost, digital or retail customers only, which retailers get which costume pack, and most importantly the release date. Am I correct??

ItaChu said:

June 26th, 3:29 am

you see everyone complaining about a release date on here, thats when you know a post like this should have had a release date lol …. well the beta is out there shouldnt be more than 3 months i expect an august september release …. if you release it in october dont expect much sales lol

WastelandDan said:

June 26th, 3:36 am

@ 0:50 seconds…

Omg, what that big foot!?


MaNTsiK said:

June 26th, 5:38 am

Without the announcement of the release date i think many of us will not preorder it… we expect more details!!! Such as its price and its release date!! The month of July could be a convenient period for this game to be released… There are no upcoming games in July and everyone will want to puchase it, in order to accompany them to their summer holidays !!

chowder_07 said:

June 26th, 6:06 am

Can you give us what you are working on?Is there a problem in the community,is the graphic’s quality looks a little low or your wondering of what would the title will be. =)

castonph said:

June 26th, 6:22 am

I pre-ordered two of these when I bought my Vitas, 2 weeks before launch. It’s been a LONG time coming. I sure hope I get my DLC!

XGAM3R_GUY_7X said:

June 26th, 6:35 am

really please tell me is there a certian retailer you have to pre order from to get the bioshock costumes i need them so bad.

Toekki said:

June 26th, 6:50 am

I am so happy to hear that Little Big Planet is coming to the Vita and it will be compatible with my already purchased LB2. I want the the DLC content so I will definitely be pre-ordering this game. I got this off of Amazon which I will be using to get the game since I am a Prime Member.

“LittleBigPlanet Pre-order Bonus
Pre-order LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation Vita and receive the BioShock and Knights of Old costume packs. Dress up your Sackboy or Sackgirl as the iconic Big Daddy and cute Little Sister from BioShock or a knight, damsel in distress, black knight, or fearsome dragon for a total of 6 costumes: 2 from BioShock, and 4 from Knights of Old. Codes will be e-mailed within two days after release date. Offer valid when shipped and sold by This offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders. Limit one per household. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.”

If anyone is looking to pre-order this might help those who use Amazon (US) to order their content.

Thank you for making such an amazing game that I can share with others but also play by myself.

NauseousPenguin said:

June 26th, 9:14 am

I’m really impressed with the Big Daddy costume, Definitely one of the best I’ve seen!

ShardYu said:

June 26th, 12:46 pm

I will definitely buy this on PSN Store! :D

PRIMUS_420 said:

June 26th, 2:01 pm

This game is the reason that i bought a vita. However im not going to pre order untill we get a confirmed release date… I mean come on its pretty rediculous that it hasnt been anounced yet.. It was supposed to be a launch title, you guys are advertising the game all over the place, The beta is over and you are offering pre order dlc yeah thats great and all but WHEN SONY WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

chowder_07 said:

June 26th, 2:11 pm

It should come by late July I think.

snoopy575757 said:

June 26th, 2:32 pm

i preorderd the game before i did the vita…..heck i did it before the vita was the vita…..come on…..this is really bad business. i mean you dont use it in ads,say its the “game changer” but dont give a date…….and the beta is supposidly over too…… friend got a code and has no vita..and he wont even give me the code…..he deleted the e-mail……….i got a vita day 1 on the first edition bundle………feb 15th…….the lack of software is one thing. but when all the games we really want keep getting pushed back or not even a date given well………it sucks ahahahah….but really guys step up your game my uncle works for sony on the movies side but there is obviusly no way he can get a date for me…….so let us know……im not whinning i just know dont promise without certainty thank you for reading!……keep up the good work…..??

MaNTsiK said:

June 26th, 3:02 pm

I have a question… i live in Greece… Can i preorder LPB with the Bonus costumes from my country’s websites or do i need to preorder it only from us websites?

chowder_07 said:

June 27th, 11:50 am

@ 89 Wow I guess your friend isn’t a real friend after all.If my friend have that beta code he will give it to me.

Skaterdude15 said:

June 28th, 7:23 am

I want this so Bad.

Dusean17 said:

June 30th, 10:43 am

I pre-ordered before, when PS VITA was called NGP…and I expect a solid release sometime soon, not late this year.
I am seriously trying to be patient but its been to long since the launch, and I’m not being mean I’m just telling the truth, 5 of my friends cancelled their LBP pre-orders because you guys were taking to long with the project but its good to see my pre-ordering wasn’t in vain.

I am looking forward to the launch of LBP PS VITA and I did pre-order so for the fans from LBP 1 get the game out sometime before late Fall thanks! ^_^

mackhrandilal101 said:

June 30th, 1:56 pm

o.o so 12/31/2012 is the release? thats what it says on my pre order ticket o.o

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