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Jan 28

Jan 28

PlayStation Plus Update: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Free for Members

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

January is almost over, and we have one more Plus update for you, but first let’s reminisce on this month’s offerings, shall we? Plus member freebies included NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Darksiders, Mega Man 9 and 10, along with Foosball 2012, and we there were some awesome deals with the 13 for ’13 discounts (last day is today). Topping it all off was access to the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta, and the 12+3 Plus promotion where you can buy one year of Plus and get three extra months at no additional cost; which is active right now.

We’re sending January off by welcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for PS Vita, free for Plus members! There are also some amazing PSN gems at fantastic prices that you may have missed. Read on and enjoy the update, which takes effect when the PlayStation Store updates on January 29th.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita to purchase, or click here to get instant access via the Sony Entertainment Network online store.

January 29th PlayStation Plus Update

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

One of the highest-rated action games is back and better than ever. Experience a new way to play one of the finest editions of Ninja Gaiden Sigma with motion & touch controls, tons of content, and new challenges to test even the toughest ninja. Be warned though, Ninja Gaiden is a tough game, but the feeling of mastering the combat and handling your foes is second to none.
Madden 13 Sale (PS3 and PS Vita)

30% off for PS Plus members

With the Super Bowl right around the corner (go Niners!), our friends at EA are happy to help everyone get ready for the big game by offering both PS3 and PS Vita versions of Madden 13 for 30% off.

Madden 13 (PS3) – Original Price: $41.99; PS Plus Price: $29.39
Madden 13 (PS Vita) – Original Price: $27.99; PS Plus Price: $19.59

Gatling Gears (PS3)

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $4.99; PS Plus Price: $2.50)

When the Empire begins its reign of destruction in a thirst for natural resources, it’s up to Max Brawley, a retired Gatling Gear pilot, to stop them. Together with his niece and his trusty Gatling Gear unit he must fight his way to the heart of the Empire and eliminate the destruction at its source. Grab the game that called “a joy to play”, at a steal of a price.
Section 8: Prejudice (PS3)

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $5.00)

Pick up this sci-fi first person shooter with dynamic combat at an amazing price. In Section 8: Prejudice, every decision drastically impacts the battlefield. Discover the sinister series of betrayals that threaten humanity’s survival in the single-player campaign; or battle up to 32 players in multiple game modes as you complete a variety of Dynamic Combat Missions.
Greed Corp (PS3) (US and Canada only)

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $4.99; PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Why share when you can have it all? Greed Corp is an online multiplayer strategy game in which you battle for dominance over a world once rich in resources. In order to prevail, you must exhaust all remaining resources to build an army, and use the depleted collapsing terrain to your advantage. An extensive campaign mode and multiple unlockables are also waiting to help you prepare to take the battle online.

Let us know what you think of this week’s update in the comments below, and remember to vote in the poll to help us see what you’re excited about from this week’s update. If you want to see what the rest of the PlayStation community is talking about, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about PS Plus, or find other topics to chat about (or start one yourself). See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 1-29-2013

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SolduNuts said:

January 28th, 6:00 pm

Plus has really hit it off this year. I like the big sales that are on some games and I appreciate getting a free game almost every week even when they are smaller ones like Foosball. My Vita is really starting to feel up and this will be a great game to add to my collection. Speaking of Vita, this handheld is the best thing ever, I just wished that Sony would put more apps out for it. Playing games on my Vita is great, but I want my Vita to become a tablet killer. There is no reason why the Vita could not have the best games on it and some very neat apps on there as well. Give my a Sports Center app, a weather app, an IMBD app, and a Google+ app. I know that Sony does not control what other companies want to do but Sony should get with their closest partners and make some more content besides games so my Vita can smack down any tablet on the market. Heck, use PS Mobile to market some new apps and the Mobile market place at the same time. Just my two cents. Long Live Play.


chigurth said:

January 28th, 6:02 pm

i would like to see a massive RPG sale never seen one rpg sale come out since the beginning of us plus while euro gets final fantasy discount.

duffyboy1986 said:

January 28th, 6:12 pm

hey Morgan I live in the Bahamas but I have A U.S. psn account im trying to add funds to my wallet using paypal but I always get the transaction was unsuccessful message even if I use the $5.00 I encounter the same issue.My Paypal Account works with many other sites including right in Florida can u please give some type of response to this situation thanks and keep us the outstanding work

jwj011576 said:

January 28th, 6:12 pm

@goldenratio13 The only why to do that is you buy a pre paid PSN network card and give her the code from it and then she buys her LBP DLC

divineLite said:

January 28th, 6:12 pm

@mobile users
Use option “request desktop si” on your browser, it will do the trick. I the option seems different in each browsers

And I want to say that ps3 only users are getting on my nerves. They got Dark side already this month and we finally got a better game for vita only and they are so angry?
Week 4 should be no game Anyway (or bonus if there is) so how about not blame Vita for that?

You want Dark side – quality every week. Just go for your Game fly if you want

kasamatzu said:

January 28th, 6:18 pm

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus…awesome! my vita will be happy :D

smushums said:

January 28th, 6:22 pm

I was excited to see Ninja Gaiden free for PS+ , until i saw it was for the Vita . Not everyone has 1 or wants 1 couldn’t you guys have made it a your choice option . Chose it for the Vita or for the PS3 your choice . Just something to consider in the future .

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 28th, 6:27 pm

All I have to say is, I hope you guys complaining are all under 12 years old. I really do. Otherwise, yikes.

TitleOne said:

January 28th, 6:27 pm


Unlike you, I am going to deal with it and not come here every week acting like a little girl.

Awww, they took away you poll comment? Aw poor you.

I like how you think they actually give a care what you think.

LOFL, they even deleted your comment. You are nothing but a joke.

mnstrings said:

January 28th, 6:32 pm


I mentioned something to that effect earlier……There’s some very unstable people in this blog and the scary thing is they likely aren’t children.

You can tell who they are too, they sound like they don’t really know how to interact with people, properly anyways.

zingakun said:

January 28th, 6:33 pm

I’m sorry US Store team, I know and respect your work in trying to do your best to keep us amazed and satisfied, but Sleeping Dogs on Europe Store is unbeatable, and it’s really unbeliavable that you guys don’t feel at least a little bit jealous of what EU is offering to their costumers.

Some guys compiled a document with the games europe got and we got, and, God I envy them so much. Sorry, but that was it for me. It will be really difficult for me to renew my plus, even getting extra 3 months :(

Aeryn_James said:

January 28th, 6:35 pm

LOL. This blog thread.

superfriar19 said:

January 28th, 6:37 pm

More proof that people will complain no matter what. Last week a bunch of people cried about the Vita Plus support. What does Sony do? They give an awesome AAA Vita title and everyone still complains. You people are so pathetic. You will never be happy no matter what. Sad.

aman258 said:

January 28th, 6:40 pm

vita game? a mi me gusta

signal2noise said:

January 28th, 6:50 pm

Vita Love!!! Color me stoked! PS+ rules, and if you want to complain every week about what you aren’t getting, don’t subscribe. Those that are saying PS+ is only for PS3 and Vita support is a bonus, explain why Sony released a Vita bundled with a 12 month PS+ subscription. I’ve been a member for a year now and couldn’t be happier. I have the most massive backlog of games. My subscription expires in 2 weeks and ‘lo and behold, I’m getting 3 free months when I renew! The timing couldn’t be better! To those whining about the Vita support, here’s a simple piece of advice: Buy a Vita. It is a freaking amazing system.

Sevyne said:

January 28th, 6:56 pm

@Everyone complaining about no freePS3 game this week: Are y’all stupid or something? Every month the IGC gets 3 PS3 game rotated out and 3 new ones brought in. It’s been this way since June’s introduction to the IGC. This month (January) has had it’s 3 PS3 games rotated already and you are still crying about this week which is a Vita week and is supposed to be a Vita week? You really picked the wrong thing to complain about. Did you leave your brains on your couch or something?

Choose your battles wisely. If ya wanna complain about what your 3 PS3 offerings for January were then so be it, but don’t you even dare say you got shafted on the quantity of games you got because you got the 3 you’ve been getting since June. Why would it be any different now? But hey, screw them Vita owners right? Even though the Vita offerings are taking away ZERO of your offerings.

mnstrings said:

January 28th, 6:58 pm

So funny how a few people here act like nobody wants Vita games. Are you blind? Half the comments are people wanting Vita games.

Hear that Morgan? We LOVE the Vita game additions to the IGC, Maybe toss us two next month and one less PS3 game? I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind. ^ . ^

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    January 28th, 7:29 pm

    We’ll be continuing on the same frequency as ever; so PS3 and PS Vita owners will always have new content in Plus =) But yes, there will be weeks when the updates are only for PS3 or PS Vita

squeaker-us said:

January 28th, 7:00 pm

Wow, and I very nearly bought a copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. Thanks a lot PS Plus for saving money for me!

loveMeHate said:

January 28th, 7:13 pm

Whys UK constantly get Top tire updates while we get….Foosball? and other really crappy games. (even if you like it, compared to mortal kombat, batman and sleeping dogs…Its horrible)
In Feb, if theres not a decent, top tire update I am not renewing my account, I played all the old ps plus games they are adding, years ago…Not a worth while RENTAL service at all.

ichigo-kushima said:

January 28th, 7:16 pm

I admit. I was a bit disappointed with the last few Plus updates. But I’ve always wanted to try out Ninja Gaiden Sigma. And now I have the opportunity to. Thanks, Sony :D

TitleOne said:

January 28th, 7:18 pm

@ loveMeHateme,

Oh no, he’s not going to renew his account!!?? Oh man, then they better do something because Sony doesn’t want to lose lovemehats’s business!!!

What will they ever do without him!!!?????

lol, seriously, do we need a dramatic posts from every single person that isn’t satisfied? Just don’t renew, actions speak louder than words.

BlueBl1zzard said:

January 28th, 7:22 pm

@ Sevyne lol from the other side of the fence you see how stupid all of this complaining seems? It’s like if one person is happy, two others have to be miserable.

MDay-18 said:

January 28th, 7:22 pm

only game that’s worth it is infamous 2 and that’s last year update…once my ps+ expire i’m not going to renew it

bagybagog said:

January 28th, 7:24 pm

Whys UK constantly get Top tire updates while we get….Foosball? and other really crappy games. (even if you like it, compared to mortal kombat, batman and sleeping dogs…Its horrible)
In Feb, if theres not a decent, top tire update I am not renewing my account, I played all the old ps plus games they are adding, years ago…Not a worth while RENTAL service at all.

loveMeHate said:

January 28th, 7:25 pm

whats really funny is you taking the time to reply to all these people you don’t agree with.
I do believe this comment section is here to voice our opinions? and it seems a lot of people are dropping out, and we post about it, so they can see user feedback and build on that.
and like I said (If you knew how to read) I will if i don’t like the next update.
its just funny that when you don’t agree with people you take the time to try to insult them, when they are very legit posts from unhappy consumers.
lol . if you have to take the time to reply, make sure you have a point somewhere in it…..

Avalanche said:

January 28th, 7:26 pm

we get a remake that came out 8months ago of a remake that came out 5years ago of a game that came out 10years ago…

and EU gets sleeping dogs.

This is exactly what i didnt want PS+ to turn into.

TitleOne said:

January 28th, 7:29 pm

Oh no, please don’t drop PS+, it will cease to exist, PLEASE DON”T GO!

loveMeHate said:

January 28th, 7:32 pm

and your age/IQ or both rears its ugly head

loveMeHate said:

January 28th, 7:32 pm

lol you don’t even have a plus….damn super fail.. dude log out and go play in traffic.

TitleOne said:

January 28th, 7:36 pm

But Morgan, you have to help us, all us babies HAVE to have the same games EU is getting, do you really want to see us cry here every week because we arent getting games WE are ENTITLED to?

I don’t care that its a ridiculous price of ~$4/month, WE DESERVE EVERY SINGLE GAME EU IS GETTING, NOW or else we will cry some more.

You got it? I’m speaking on behalf of all us whiners, we love to whine about every single thing!

loveMeHate said:

January 28th, 7:38 pm

cool story bro…..
and the trolls can have the board back, Ill stop embarrassing you, and you….yourself (I hope)

enjoy Ninja Gaiden …its a great game (10 years ago…..)

TitleOne said:

January 28th, 7:40 pm

Sure buddy.

Also, I forgot that people who share accounts can’t have post here because they don’t have a little yellow plus sign, sorry, please don’t tell on me!

Yep, looking forward to playing it! Cannot wait till tomorrow.

Don’t forget to set your account to not auto-renew ok? Gotta teach Sony who’s boss!

shb23 said:

January 28th, 7:50 pm

@322 Darth-Krayt

Correct, I have pointed that out before, but it falls on deaf ears. If you are a dev, you are willing to take a smaller amount of money per DL from PSN in the EU market, the gaming market is tougher there and the percentage of piracy higher also, if you are the Sleeping Dogs dev you might believe getting $5 per PSN DL beats getting nothing in Yuroland, but maybe in America you may take your chances on disc sales. People act like Square called SCEA and offered them Sleeping Dogs and Morgan hung up on them.

And to everyone crying that NGS+ is a Vita game, there have been many weeks where us Vita-bro’s got nothing and I never saw any of you guys stick up for us.

Also, why don’t you have a Vita? They are really awesome, even if there are hardly any games for it.

ALEX87PS said:

January 28th, 7:50 pm

free full games are always welcome!,

I’ve never played any ninja gaiden game so, I’m excited to try it ;)

I’m very happy with my PS PLUS subscription, thanks guys!

punkmusic2009 said:

January 28th, 7:54 pm

now I renewed my plus last yr in 2012 of December 26 do I get the 3mouth extra plus or just my 1 yr

Zevrou said:

January 28th, 7:54 pm

yay no vida #sad i guess cysis will do

BlueBl1zzard said:

January 28th, 7:59 pm

@ punkmusic2009 sorry only 1year. If you purchase(d) a year of plus between Jan. 25 and March 4, then you get the extra month.

TitleOne said:

January 28th, 8:02 pm

Just a tip to anyone thinking about getting a Vita sometime in the near future. “Purchase the games in your IGC, so you can download them later on down the line when you actually get it!

Love PS+

btw, just in case anyone is wondering, me and my brother split the cost of PS+ on his account, so that’s why I do not have a golden plus sign next to my name. :(

SpooNManX said:

January 28th, 8:04 pm

Can you please look into the problem with logging in to this website when using a mobile browser?

We keep getting PAGE NOT FOUND… and it’s been like this for weeks!

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 28th, 8:04 pm

Kniffin on January 28th, 2013 at 4:55 pm said: “Would love to have Red Dead Redemption and Sleeping Dogs!”

I wanted those games too. So, you know what I did? I bought them. It’s amazing how well that works out. Try it sometime.

MDay-18 said:

January 28th, 8:06 pm

@shb23 you answered your own question…it’s because there is no games for it and that’s what’s keeping me from buying it. <<if they make English copy for this game i'll be more than happy to buy a ps vita.

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 28th, 8:07 pm

@ TitleOne

You’re a horrible person for not having a Plus symbol. How dare you even think about posting here.

divineLite said:

January 28th, 8:19 pm

Search option for “request desktop site” on your mobile browser

Aeryn_James said:

January 28th, 8:23 pm

Next week, Sony should give out free hugs!
It seems a lot of people here could use one.

TitleOne said:

January 28th, 8:26 pm


How dare you suggest someone go out and buy a game they want!? The nerve of some people, that would actually mean I’d have to get off my ass, quit crying about the same thing I cry about every week and actually buy it.

You dare say I should quit acting so entitled? I simply will not have it.

Kieferw said:

January 28th, 8:35 pm

Even if you don’t own a vita like myself i am glad to see variety and good sales sure EU gets better stuff now but last year we got some amazing stuff. This is one of the better resent updates and no not everyone will be happy unless you make everything free which cant be done its a business, and if you don’t want plus any more as consumer that’s your choice and that’s fine. All in all thanks Sony for offering an awesome service and also for taking the time to listen to everyone and reply even if they get heated.

Vcheese said:

January 28th, 8:35 pm

Nice to see some vita love, though i already finished this game a while ago so there is nothing for me again… Guess i will have to wait for another week. :(


January 28th, 8:39 pm

i swear to god if we dont get sleeping dogs in feb like EU im trading in my ps3 and going to xbox

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 28th, 8:41 pm

@ TitleOne

I guess you’re right. You win.


January 28th, 8:45 pm

Appreciate the Vita game but seriously you guys should release should make more games part of PS+ for Vita. Even PSP would be appreciated! Yay for Tekken 6 fans!

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