Announcing Horizon Zero Dawn

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Announcing Horizon Zero Dawn

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new third-person action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn! Watch the trailer below to catch your first glimpse of the game:

Announcing Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a lush, beautiful open world where nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization. It is a world where mankind is not the dominant species, and highly advanced machines sit at the top of the food chain. You play as Aloy, a young outcast from a tribal society, who has learned to hunt the machines. Intent on unraveling the many mysteries that surround her, Aloy embarks on a quest that will lead her to discover her own destiny.

Along the way, Aloy will face off against an entire menagerie of machines – some traveling in herds, others roaming in solitude, all of them presenting a formidable danger. You will need to learn their behaviors, attack patterns and weak points in order to survive. You must use the beautiful environments to your advantage, and employ stealth, agility, and cunning to approach your prey unseen.

Of course, you won’t be hunting unarmed in Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is capable of combining natural materials with machine parts to turn them into ingenious weapons, ammunition, traps, and tools. By cleverly using the right items at the right moment, you can exploit weak points and bring down even the largest machines. Unfortunately, the most dangerous machines aren’t necessarily the biggest…

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero DawnHorizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled for a 2016 release, and we’ll have additional details for you in the coming months. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • This game looked AMAZING tonight. Bold. Beautiful. Intriguing. Can’t wait to see (and play) more :-D

    • BeardifulBobb

      Paulogy, I couldn’t agree with you more. This game looks so incredibly GOOD!! Not just KINDA good. ;)

  • This games demo looked so good, you guys have something special here IMO. Props to you guys, I know I am very tired of Killzone games and this game looks awesome and a breath of fresh air.

  • This is a day one for me!

  • The game looked so fantastic. I really excited to see more.

  • Viewtiful_Gene

    I liked it better when it had actual gameplay and it was called Enslaved.

    • DragonIrons

      huh? You sure you’re posting on the right game? lmao….. what we saw tonight WAS actual gameplay…. d’oh

    • Viewtiful_Gene

      Oh right, I forgot that scripted events also counts as pure gameplay.

    • This looks nothing like Enslaved.

    • PanTheMan16

      It VERY clearly resembles Enslaved, but that isn’t a bad thing. So far, it doesn’t seem terribly original, but with GG developing this game I believe it will be great.

    • Saying that this game is like enslaved is like saying that Call of Duty is the same thing as Battlefield. Yes, they are both real-world FPS games, however they are totally different. As these two games are.

    • What a trolling hu.

  • Best Game Ever..
    Love it.. Love it.. Cant Wait..
    Well Done Guerrilla Games
    Super Proud..

  • DragonIrons

    Already had Batman… Uncharted and some others on my list…. but I just added this one to my wishlist. This looks like a great game.

  • I loved that you guys showed ACTUAL gameplay footage instead of a pre-rendered announce trailer. The game looks amazing and I will be buying it Day 1! And YES for a badass female protagonist!

  • Glad the team is finally branching out of Killzone. Seriously want this with a nice CE fig of the main character.

  • Not taking anything away from all the other wonderful games coming out but this one truly blew my mind. I wanted to see something completly new and different and this definitely is what I was looking for… I can’t wait to play it.

  • Doesn’t the main woman looks so much like Ygritte from Game of Thrones?

    • lol, my wife and I thought the same thing. She also thinks that Rose Leslie is Aloy’s voice. I’ve not found out for certain but i’ve tweeted Guerrilla Games about it to find out.

    • you aren’t the only one ;)

  • Absolutely beautiful world!! Words cannot describe how excited I am for this!! :D

  • Can’t wait! Thanks Guerilla and Sony, hope the story is awesome!

  • This looks so great!

  • ultimatepunchrod

    This is my most anticipated game of E3 so far. Tied with the Last Guardian!

  • Best game shown at E3 !!!!!

  • even when they showed The last gaurdian and FF7 remake this is my best of the show… I WANT this so much.

    Do your best!

  • looks really good

  • Paradox_Gamer

    This world reminds me of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and that’s not a bad thing. Really looking forward to this.

  • bbswarrior_11

    Even if The Last Guardian and FF VII were a big surprise and that more fun and crazy Uncharted 4 gameplay was seen, I think this game stole the show. It´s out of this world what Guerrilla did. Looks astonishing.

  • Looks incredible. I may have had mixed feelings on Killzone after 3/4, but I am really glad to see the amazing talent at GG being able to start something new. Like all of your previous games, I will be there day 1. Can’t wait for more info and gameplay!

  • So, this coming out this year right lol?

  • Horizon zero dawn is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

  • Where are the PS Vita games? :(

  • woodsman133

    This looks amazing! So glad to finally see it revealed! My new most anticipated game, please let me throw my money at you guys!

  • Looks awesome guys, exceeded my expectations of the rumors.

  • NotCarolKaye

    Hey Guerrilla, I’d be most grateful if you guys would release a less compressed downloadable version of this like you did with Shadow Fall.

    Pretty please, with sugar on top. :)

  • Best game of E3 and that’s saying something. Well done.

  • Devilking-Nikkai

    This is literally the best I.P of E3 2015. HAND DOWN! NO NEED TO DEBATE! #GreatnessAwaits

    Also btw SONY. Can you please change the rating ??? How can this game got a 1.5 rating ??? can you like changed into like Facebook ? Where only Likes count, so the trolls and haters will finally stop trolling and go away, thanks.
    ragard, your biggest fan.

  • Devilking-Nikkai

    Also, very well done Sony. I hope your PlayStation Experience will be even greater! #GreatnessArrives

  • I thought, once I saw Last Guardian, that I knew what my game of the show was going to be. I was sure of it. But then this came… and this changed everything.

    This game is the best thing I’ve seen at E3 so far. Thank you for creating something so intriguing, and thank you even more for making it third person!

  • How does this article only have 2 stars? I suspect shennanigans.

    I think this is the best game I’ve seen at E3 so far.

  • Sony always wins.

  • PanTheMan16

    Looks good, but please tone down the narration. It’s annoying as hell that Nathan Drake has to delivery commentary about every step he takes, so please don’t make that mistake with Horizon.

  • I’m super excited to play this game. I think Guerrilla Games is a great studio, so seeing them do something other than Killzone is very exciting. This game will without a doubt look beautiful too!

  • This game looks so amazing words just can’t….Please don’t screw this game up make it a amazing and beautiful as possible.
    I am going to buy a playstation just to play this…

  • Seems interesting to me but I would need to see more to really make a decision on this I know we still have a long time to decide.

  • I am beyond pumped for this.

  • Oh PLEASE co-op! PLEASE??

  • Getting this game for sure, and I hope its co-op as well!

  • I was waiting for this…finally it got officialy announced and with GAMEPLAY,boy am I glad I built excitement for it.Guerrilla does not disappoint,this is so different from KZ and yet you guys did everything great,thats true talent.I can’t wait to see more about it but this game is already a day 1 buy for me.

  • You guys at gorilla games always blow the roof out when making a game..I don’t think you guys are human. I will be getting this game,..

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82



  • Amazing!
    Clearly game of show by light years.

    I just can’t stop watching the demo over and over again.

    My wallet is ready.

  • x0eL_daYa0x

    This is without a doubt the best game to come out of E3 this year, it shows such promise, I really hope the studio is able to deliver.

  • Who the hell is giving this game 2 stars? wtf This is one of the best trailers at E3. I cannot wait for this game.

  • nattylite29

    This looks f***king SWEET. Wow I was very impressed. can’t wait for whenever in 2016 this comes

  • QuirkyQuick

    This game won E3! My jaw hit the floor, when I saw the robot dinosaur! I rarely purchase a game on day one. This is going to be one of those few exceptions. Aloy is such a badass! I can’t wait!

  • Truth be told, this game is the dark horse that stole the show.

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